Cosplay wedding, people do that??

I'm a serious blog reader!  By that, I mean I lurk around various blogs on my Google Reader.  One of my recent favorite blog (out of many) is Rock N' Roll Bride, a British blog dedicated to alternative weddings.  The photography featured on this website is absolutely amazing.  Anyhow, you might ask, how on earth does that even relate to Cosplay?  Well, I came across this article on here that  briefly talks about Cosplay wedding.  No, I'm not talking about Steampunk or Lolita wedding, (Hipster) those are way too mainstream now (/Hipster).  This is LEGIT Cosplay wedding that I'm talking about, one where you dress up as your favorite anime/game characters!  Ha!
I love this Macross cosplay wedding outfit.  The lace is beautiful!
Okay, I'm not completely naive, I know that some of those pictures are just people COSPLAYING a wedding, not actually cosplaying for a wedding.  So I did some more research.  I mean, if a guy is allowed to marry his DS (please refer to THIS article), there must be some brave souls out there having a cosplay wedding.  As a result, I found this epic happening!  A GUNDAM wedding! How cool is that??
Here's a picture for those of you who are too lazy to go to the article.
Then of course, I found more instances of people getting married in cosplay.  This awesome super heroes couple for example, dresses up as...super heroes...duh!
(I'm sorry other blogs that I took pictures from you Q_Q, I know you took it from somewhere else too!)

So, which cosplay would you do if you had to marry in costumes?  Or rather, would you ever do a cosplay wedding?  I don't know about you, but I'm currently liking the FFXII wedding outfits for Ashe and her dead husband!
Now, can someone make this for me??? XD


Hey, I want to make a post too~

Mimi and Kathryn have both announced their cosplay plans for Animazement '12, so I guess I'll be a copy cat :3

From the BRS series, I will be doing MZMA (pronounced Mazuma), the second of the Seven Apostles.
Oddly shaped sword, giant hands, non-matching boots, what's not to like? :P
  Since there aren't many pictures of MZMA beside this one, I will be using this video as a reference for any other details.  As for progress, I jumped on Mimi's wig and contacts orders and got a red wig and red contacts. We also bid on a pair of hockey gloves to use as the base for the hands.

From Mirai Nikki, I will be going as Deus Ex Machina, the deteriorating god of time and space.
I'm really liking the hair, and the large chin.
I am planning on, and currently creating, a mask for his face (no human face looks like that).   I have not quite decided what to do for his hair yet, but whatever it is, it will be awesome.  

I am really excited about this year....maybe it's because I will get to carry a huge sword and dress up as a god.  But it also might be that I feel that I will make the transition from Cosplay Noob to Sort of Somewhat Experienced Cosplayer-ish Person.  Also, if we are able to do a skit at the masquerade this year it would be AMAZING, but we'll see how that turns out.

Anyways, I'll keep you guys updated on the mask making for Deus (hopefully ending up with a progress gallery/tutorial).  If Cosplay-Vania reaches to 5000 views, I'll make a little victory composition for us :D.  Thanks Everyone!


1000 Hits!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT

We got 1000 Hits since starting our blog ONE week ago!!  All thanks to the readers of this blog!  In order to celebrate this small occasion, I drew a fan art :D  Hope you like it!!  Again, thank you guys sooooo much!
We are thinking about doing a small giveaway once our hits reaches 5000! Hopefully that will be soon~ haha



Animazement Cosplay Plans

So our AZ plans for this year have been decided: We're doing group cosplays as characters from Mirai Nikki and Black Rock Shooter (and hopefully signing up for the Masquerade this year, which is exciting).

I had a bit of a change of heart regarding Dead Master. While her scythe is beyond awesome, the rest of her costume (read: her shoes) seemed a bit boring to me, so instead I'll be going as BlackGold Saw, whose boots are suitably absurd:

Who wears short shorts? We do, apparently...

There is no logical reason why I should be so excited to learn how to make giant weapons. But I really, really am.

Who doesn't want armored thigh high boots, I ask you?

As for Mirai Nikki, I will be cosplaying the militant atheist terrorist who really enjoys blowing things up, Diary Holder #9 - Minene Uryuu.

Why am I always cosplaying the antagonists? I think this says something about me...

Unfortunately I will not have much time to work on the costumes for the next few weeks (curse you, MCAT!), so I can't really get started properly until March 25. Assuming my brain hasn't seeped out of my skull by that point.

But there has been some progress! I have ordered contacts (from Pinky Paradise - reviews will be forthcoming) and wigs, and I am currently still looking for a pair of high-waisted faux-leather shorts (not the easiest thing to find, mind you).

Updates will be coming...until I go into panic mode.


Styling the Dr.Stein wig

Now that we have Katsucon behind us and ready to move on to the cosplay for AZ, I finally forced Stuart to send me the durpy pictures I took of him when I was styling his Dr.Stein wig. (Dr.Stein is a crazy teacher character from Soul Eater, in case you didn't know)  This is by no means a tutorial, for I have absolutely no experience in cutting hair.  However, this is a warning about wigs you get from ebay.

So we purchased a generic Dr.Stein wig from China on ebay.  The picture of the wig they provided looked like this:
It looks so nice in the picture: not very shiny, with nice feathered tips at the back.  The color is nice as well.  Wigs usually comes with long bangs so that the wearer can style it to his/her face.  Since the wig was only about $22, we jumped on the bandwagon of buying wigs from China.  Alas, that was perhaps not the best decision we have made in our life.  The wig that arrived looked rather shiny and thin that some layers of hair sewn on the wig already came off the moment Stuart tried it on.

And here comes in the Super Mimi that tries to save the day!  First of all, I had to make sure that all the threads on the wigs were intact and all the layers of hair were sewn on tightly.  I resew some of the layers that came undone.
This is what the wig looked like on Stuart before anything was done to it:
He looks like Kitaro from GeGeGe no Kitaro
Then I took out my mother's hair cutting scissors (what do you call those things?) and started to cut away all the unnecessary hair.
I obviously was very good at making this wig into an Ayanami Rei wig...This is what Stuart looked like after almost losing a piece of his ear.

Finally, I figured out that in order to cut layers into the wig, I had to brush vertically and cut vertically.  With the help of some hair gum, this is what the finally product looked like:
Not too bad right???? hahaha!!!

Until Next Time~

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Lightning and Serah Cosplay

With the appearance of the game Final Fantasy XIII-2, increasing cosplay boys and girls focus their attention on this final fantasy cosplay. Without doubt, Lightning, Serah Farron and Noel Kreiss would be the most popular choices.

Picture Credit
I’m sure that you guys have been attracted by this two cosplay girls. Aha, for me, it is still unbelievable! Cosplay xiii-2 Lightning is more challengeable than Serah, the cosplay costume is extremely complicated, yeah, intractable to me. The weapons in their hands are shining in my eyes. The cosplay dresses are gorgeous and the wigs are beautiful, everything about them is perfect. I could never do that!

Insane Black Rock Shooter cosplay progress part 1

(Second part of the progress is out!  Read it HERE)

So I have decided to do the IBRS for AZ this year along with Murumuru from Mirai Nikki.  Below are the pictures of both characters.
IBRS with her awesome weapon!
Murumuru without pants Q_Q
I am a little anxious about how much detail I could put into IBRS since I have never made armors before.  As for Murumuru, she doesn't wear pants!!!!!!! are those leg thingies that float around her legs????  I have some idea for how to make this weird magical pants, but we will see.  Otherwise, her outfit is pretty simple.  I have one white plastic bangle already, woot!

So I have started to shop for IBRS's costume.  First up are the boots that are going to be the support pieces for the leg armors.  (pls ignore my messy room)
I fount them at Kohl's for about $40, they have the small heels I want for the cosplay and the tightness.  Also, the boots have no buckles, so I don't have to take anything off~ 
I'm planning on making the armors for the boots with craft foam.  

I ordered a BRS wig from Cosplay Wig USA.  You can get the same wig HERE.  It is a pretty standard black wig that needs to be restyled so that one side of the pigtail is longer than the other.  (I have gotten several wigs from this website before, I think their wig quality is definitely higher than the ones on ebay)
picture taken from

I ordered my contact lenses from Pinky paradise, I guess there will be a review for it once it gets here.

Other than that, I also purchased the leather pants I need from HERE.  
Since I weigh soooooooo much more than this model (obviously), I just hope the shorts would look half as good on me as they are on her. Q_Q

Humm, I also got some glue from Michaels, one of which is specifically for craft foam.  We will see how nice these will work in holding my armors together.  
Craft foam glue, Krazy glue for attaching things to less porous material, and glue sticks!!!! 
That is all for now, my actual making of the costume will start....tomorrow! XD


Shit Cosplayers Say

With the recent trend of Shit Girls Say/Shit Guys Say/Shit (insert group here)s Say videos,  there was bound to be a  "Shit Cosplayers Say," and there have been.  But, to be honest, I'm a little disappointed with these videos.  Maybe it's just me being a cosplay noob, but I don't find myself saying the same things these videos report.  

So, in an attempt to correct this, here's our take on "Shit Cosplayers Say."

  • "Omg how am I gonna make that?"
  • "Fuck, I forgot to get more glue sticks..."
  • "No, I can't buy this dress, I need to save money for wonderflex!"
  • "More craftfoam!"
  • "Spray paint, y u no work on vinyl?"
  • "My feet hurt Q_Q *while wearing hooker boots*"
  • "Why is the hotel one block away from the con?"
  • "This weapon is gonna be AWESOME...shit, how do we transport it?"
  • "Ahhhhhhhh my wig is falling!"
  • "What other character has a (insert color here) wig?  I should cosplay characters that I have the wigs for already."
  • "Goodwill, why don't you have tacky trench coats when I need one???"
  • In Michaels: "Shit...I forgot to bring a reference picture"
  • "What shade of black is this?"
  • "Professor, I have this *ahem* important thing to attend >.> I can't come to the exam on Friday..." *in reality...going to a con*.
  • "Packing list: glue gun (check), duct tape (check), sewing kit (check), extra fun foam (check)..."
  • "Mannnnnnn, the one year I stop cosplaying (insert series here), EVERYONE decides to cosplay it."
  • Looking at other cosplayers:     "Duuuuuude, that outfit is awesome....I wish I knew where it was from >.<"
And finally, as a recent experience from home depot:

Anyways, that's all.  We are still trying to decide exactly what we will do for our next con.  We will let you know what has been decided!  Thanks!


Pinterest, perhaps a good place for cosplay?

When it comes to social networking, Pinterest is pretty unique and has a huge female fan-base.  It is pretty user friendly (despite the occasional errors) and the contents are simple to understand.  It almost mimics the idea of shopping, where you just take pictures and ideas you like and put into your shopping cart.  Although Pinterest is wonderful, it does lack some diversity.  Most of the popular contents on Pinterest are fashion, food, beauty, and home decor related.  To celebrate the nerd that is inside every and each one of us (especially if you cosplay lol), I created a pin-board dedicated to Cosplay.  This is where I store some of the amazing/funny/useful cosplay related pictures.  After starting this pin board, I have begin to notice that there are many others like myself who uses pinterest for the nerdier side of themselves, so here are a couple that I would like to feature:

 Cosplay Inspiration board by Otakon: if you live on the east coast, you probably would know that Otakon is huge anime convention held in Baltimore every summer.  This board has a great selection of cosplay photos featured from all over the internet.  Otakon has also created several other boards dedicated to Japanese culture.

Summer Puente's entire pinterest account:  Summer has an amazing collection of pins very neatly categorized into boards.  Examples of her boards that I really like are: huesos, locomotion, and 'jelly and kraken and octopuses'.  Her pins are very unique, artistic, and inspiring.

Alice's Yarn Crafts Board:  Alice is awesome, she knits, crochets, and pins about unusual yarn crafts.  I really enjoy her collection of crocheted animal parts.

I know there are a ton of boards out there that I would love to feature in the future, so comment below if you have one that you would like me to check out!


Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Police Edition!

We did two sets of Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt cospaly in Katsucon 18 this year.  One of them is the normal outfits which was shot by the very talented Mr.Jack Liu with a preview up in his Flickr account.  Poor Stuart was getting kicked around by us because he cosplayed as Chuck, or also known as the fake GIR from Invader Zim.  The second PSG outfit we did was based off of episode 8, where Panty and Stocking are police officers trying to fight off zombies.  Since we didn't have an amazing photographer for this outfit, we kind of just took some pictures (with our fantastic photographer-in-training-Stuart) and stole some from Johnny's facebook (he was the awesome Garterbelt).  I, being the impatient person I am...just quickly shopped these pics for kicks.

our police baton (if you watched the would know it's true identity) thingie were bubble wands, so we made some bubbles to annoy people :D

we are a little too old...but... PEDOBEAR~ hell yeah!

Stuey getting stepped on by EVERY FUCKING PERSON!  We didn't go to step on him because we felt bad...NOT

This picture was taken from Johnny's facebook album.  Obviously, it made us look better than what we actually look like XD

This is totally for the lols.  I vectored the hands in really quickly XD

Anyhow, this is all we have to offer for our police outfits, I hope you enjoyed them~ 


Cosplay Wishlist - Kathryn Edition

Oh look, I see a bandwagon, I'd better jump on it! ...Kidding. But who doesn't have their dream cosplays? Here are some of mine, in no particular order:

1. Tali'Zorah vas Neema - Mass Effect 2

Backwards bending knees WHY U SO HARD

2. Dervish: Primeval armor - Guild Wars

Must...cosplay...own...MMO character...

3. Panty Anarchy (Angel) - Panty Stocking and Garterbelt

We've done cop and normal, might as well do the whole set, right?

4. Dead Master - Black Rock Shooter

I want a pet floating skull

5. Ashlotte- Soul Calibur IV
Because why the hell not

6. A.B.A - Guilty Gear
Because everyone loves giant keys!


7. Big Sister - Bioshock 2

8. White Rock Shooter - Black Rock Shooter

What is this I don't even

9. Caterina Sforza - Trinity Blood Artbook


I know for a fact there are plenty that I am forgetting, but this will probably be updated later.


Cosplay Wish List - Stuart Edition

Since Mimi is making a wish list, I figure I'd better make one too :P.    After looking through some of the ones I chose, however, it seems apparent that I like things with giant weapons, haha.

Things I would like to cosplay:

1. Mzma - Black Rock Shooter: The Game

2. Aeon - Castlevania: Judgement

3. Luso - Final Fantasy Tactics A2

4. Abel Nightroad - Trinity Blood

5. Balthier - Final Fantasy XII

6. Paragon (Vabbian Armor and some awesome spear and shield, hehe) - Guild Wars

Cosplay I want to do with Mimi :D   :

1. Lag Seeing - Tegami Bachi 

2. Kujo - Gosick

3. Professor - Dantalian no Shoka

This list may grow in the future as I research more awesome concept arts, games, and anime!  Awesome!


Cosplay Wishlist - Mimi edition

One of the things I would really like to do is to cosplay something extravagant that will take up a ton of my time (and money Q_Q.)  Not only it is AWESOME to wear cool costumes, but there are also many skills that one could acquire from the process of costume making.

Below is a list of skills I would love to work on:
1. Armor making (mainly from craft foam)
2. Use Wonderflex
3. Weapon making
4. Fabric Printing
5. Use expandable foam
6. Cast resin
7. Use LED lights in something

lol can you tell that I'm an avid fan of Kamui? Her amazing tutorials give me so many inspirations.

Well, here's my cosplay wishlist:

Easy Mode

1. A girl character from Mirai Nikki

2. Stocking Anarchy (Angel) from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

3. Niche from Tegami Bachi (with Steak)

Standard Mode

4. Victorique from Gosick

5. Rasiel from Dantalian no Shoka

6. Mikuni from Shangri La

Hard Mode

7. Ritualist imperial armor from Guild Wars

8. Necromancer Vabbian armor from Guild Wars
9. Xandra Deldrimor armor from Guild Wars

10. Insane Black Rock Shooter

11. Seth from Trinity Blood (Artbook version)

12. Queen Esther from Trinity Blood

Oni Mode

13. Shiva Sisters from FFXIII

Okay, that's it for now~  ideas are all very welcome!!! I would love to find more costumes that I like.
Now I have to decide whether to make Insane Black Rock Shooter for Animazement or not >.<


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