Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Tifa Cosplay

Wow, I was shocked by this Crisis Core final fantasy vii Tifa cosplay when I found it, and I cannot believe that this cosplay girl could finish it so perfect. I am always wondering how she could do that. What do you think of her job?
Cosplay final fantasy Tifa is undoubtedly a hot and welcomed choice to all the cosplay girls, and I believe that Tifa cosplay would never be unfashionable but would be more and more popular because of the unique and impressive charm of Tifa. Since we are the beings loving challenges and beauties, we are looking forward to showing more and more excellent cosplays in the latter shows.
CosplayTifa is always a great choice and could help us to express ourselves fully. The cosplayer in the picture does an amazing job, thanks her for sharing such great Tifa cosplay with us.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Serah Farron Cosplay

What do you think of this final fantasy xiii-2 Serah cosplay? But if you ask me, my answer absolutely is I love it, really love this cosplay. I was shocked by her at the first sight, she look extremely the same as final fantasy xiii-2 Serah. This cosplay girl is also a cute and charming girl and she has the similar body shape as her imitated character.
So I cannot help sharing this fantastic final fantasy cosplay picture to you all, it is a safe bet that any of you would be willing to take you time to enjoy this cosplay as long as you are a fan of cosplay, not to mention the lovers of Serah. I love everything she wears, such as the beautiful pink wig, the great Serah cosplay costume and other accessories.
As the female protagonist of ff xiii-2, Serah becomes more and more appealing. She is a lovely and strong girl. If you haven’t tried this cosplay, now it is the time to have a try.

Final Fantasy XIII Cosplay-Lightning Together with other Members

Because of the popularity of cosplay and the video game Final Fantasy XIII, we could easily find tons of related cosplays throughout the world, such as Lightning cosplay, Serah cosplay and others. Cosplay final fantasy xiii is one of the hottest choices in our heart. So we could enjoy numerous fantastic jobs that are created by impersonators.
And now I want to share this FF xiii cosplay with you, yeah, really a big family. They are all here, Lightning, Serah, Snow, Vanille and Hope. Actual five great cosplay girls. Aha, but it would be more fantastic if Fang and Sazh are there. Anyhow, they do an eye-catching job. I love their cosplay costumes, everyone has perfect accoutrement. And I wonder if they make the outfits, or just buy the dress instead. I’m fascinated by this final fantasy cosplay.

Dark Knight Rises Prologue Review

I love viral marketing. I especially love viral marketing when it's attached to a new Batman project. A good friend of mine was one of the first 100 people to beat the Arkham Asylum viral marketing campaign and won the collector's edition of the video game thanks to his online detective skills. Prior to the release of the 2008 film "The Dark Knight", I received campaign buttons, Gotham newspapers and a Gotham City voter registration card all in support of Harvey Dent. I attended a Harvey Dent political rally where I had the chance to meet up with fellow supporters and was given a "I support Harvey Dent" t-shirt along with campaign signs. I was even featured on the official website and was thrilled (and slightly disturbed) when The Joker hacked the system and scribbled the face of every photo of Dent supports making them resemble the Clown Prince of Crime. Viral Marketing gives us a personal connection to something we enjoy and makes us feel like we're actually a part of the magic.

Batman fans around the world are gearing up for the 2012 Summer release of the final film in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy "The Dark Knight Rises". On December 13th select IMAX theatres around the United States were screening the first six minutes of the film and you were allowed access if you knew how to get tickets. There were two showings at the IMAX theater; one at 10pm and the other at 10:30pm. My guest and I were in the 10:30pm group. We observed  the first group as they exited the theater and became concerned by the expression on their faces. People looked confused. No shouts of awesomeness or fanboy freak outs. I found out later they were confused for a variety of reasons. After handing over our tickets and my purse being inspected for recording devices, were we given promotional t-shirts that features a bizarre design and simply says "End". No one could figure out what the design is suppose to symbolize (one guess was Bane's mask) and there's no indication on the shirt that it's related to a Batman film.

The prologue lasted only six minutes and began with Commissioner Gordon speaking at Harvey Dent's memorial service. The rest of the prologue features some mercenaries being captured and boarded on a plane. The men who apprehended them are looking for Bane and it turns out one of the captives is in fact Bane himself. After his identity is revealed he breaks free. Bane's objective is to kidnap a doctor aboard the plane (who, thanks to viral marketing has been revealed to be Dr. Leonid Pavel) and take it down. A second plane filled with Bane's henchmen comes into play and in what was probably the most impressive stunt I've seen filmed in the air, Bane transfers the doctor's blood to a decoy before successfully taking down the airplane and making a getaway in his own. The last few seconds of the prologue are filled with never-before-scenes featuring a new Batman vehicle (or the Tumbler transforming, I couldn't really tell), a tortured looking Selina Kyle traveling in a car, Batman on the steps of a building during snowfall, a glimpse of Catwoman and finally Bane holding Batman's mask.

When the screening was over I came to the realization why the first crowd who viewed it were troubled. It was almost impossible to understand any of Bane's dialogue. His heavy accent is muffled behind a mask and I can honestly say that I barely understood a line that actor Tom Hardy delivered. Many of the movie goers in the theatre said the same thing. One said:

"I don't know what I just saw but it was awesome!"

While many others clearly stated they couldn't understand a word Bane said (myself included). One joked that between Christian Bale's gruff Batman voice and Bane, the next logical character to include in the film would be Beaker from The Muppets. There were numerous complaints regarding Christian Bale's performance in "The Dark Knight", so much so that it was corrected for the DVD release and the result was a smoother audio delivery. Numerous complaints regarding Bane's voice have all ready surfaced online and one hopes that this will be corrected in time for the film's worldwide release in 2012. If not, this could be as painful as Stallone and Schwarzenegger getting into a verbal argument.

 The writing remains intelligent and though the airplane sequence was cleverly written and visually satisfying, Bane's problematic voice stole the show. Clearly that's not good news. I was more impressed by the images shown after the plane sequence. In all honesty Batman's hand to hand combat among the stairs with Bane during a snow storm would have made for a better sneak peak. I'm going to chalk the prologue to being entertaining but nothing spectacular.

Who are the Hot Female Final Fantasy Cosplay Characters?

      When it comes to the final fantasy cosplay, as for cosplay girls, who are the hot final fantasy cosplay characters on earth? In my view there are really some outstanding female roles. To begin with, without doubt, is ff Tifa. She is a sexy and cool girl in the eyes of the cosplayers and the game players.

And then it comes to final fantasy Yuna. It seems that there are countless imitators are interested in this cosplay. There is no denying that all types of cosplay costumes contribute a lot to it, even more than Tifa Lockhart.
And of course Rikku is also must be included in this list. The revealing cosplay outfit is really hot means in the aspect of popularity and the charm of the design of the attire.

The reputation of final fantasy xiii Lightning is doubtless in the heart of the impersonators. Portraying her could help girls to display imposing and cool appeal in the show. Whoever put on the cosplay costume could taste the fantastic feeling. Of course, there are still many other popular ff characters for us to make choice. Which we choose depends on ourselves. To get enjoyment is the main target.

Final Fantasy Cosplay: The Emperor Mateus Cosplay

Yay! There is no denying that this final fantasy Mateus cosplay is majestic, fantastic and amazing and, um, I am be stuck for words now, I cannot find any suitable word to express my feeling now. The cosplayer is Liliana, an excellent cosplay girl on There are lots of other amazing cosplay photos she does at her site. The final fantasy cosplay is just one of them. Thanks her for showing us her cool job. I love her cosplay.

Pretty Final Fantasy X Yuna Summoner Cosplay

Hi, guys! Today I want to share you the outstanding final fantasy x Yuna summoner cosplay. I found it by a kind guy named bl man, thanks him for his suggestion. The cosplayer is Mei-Hoshi, and there are so many excellent cosplays she has done.
This Yuna cosplay is one of her great cosplays, and she is really a captivating girl. The summoner cosplay costume is gorgeous. In a word, I love her cosplay.

Final Fantasy X Tidus Cosplay

Tidus is the male leading character of Final Fantasy X and a young guy who is full of energy with carefree and cheerful personality. The same as other final fantasy characters, Tidus also has gained his followers including both boys and girls. We could find there are different cosplayers who dress up as final fantasy Tidus in all kinds of cosplays.
And there is a great final fantasy x Tidus cosplay that I want to share it with you. Take a look at the picture, the cosplay boy in the pic shows a really similar Tidus. He does an amazing job. I love his cosplay. It seems that I could find endless sunshine from him. Everything about him seems great and charming, such as the wig looks like his real hair, his smile is sweet and the cosplay outfit is also great.
As one of the final fantasy cosplay choices, Tidus cosplay is not only suitable for boys but also for tomboys. So, if you are a zealous fan of cosplay, this is a good choice.

Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna Lenne Song Cosplay

What an attractive it is! Without doubt, this is one of the best final fantasy x-2 Yuna cosplays. Whether you are a girl or a boy, you would be charmed by her, right? The cosplay girl in the picture looks beautiful and she has cute faces, especially I love the Yuna Lenne Song cosplay costume she wears.
As one of the hottest cosplay choices, Yuna is really an ideal character for us. One of the main reasons is that Yuna is such kind of girl with ever changing images. She looks striking in every different occasion with the exclusive Yuna costume. Girls who want to release the female magic power, for example the beautiful curve in the public, especially there are so many other fantastic cosplayers including male and female.
This cosplay girl is successfully in making herself a perfect picture of admiration in the show. And she would attractive others easily. I love this final fantasy cosplay.

Final Fantasy Funny Pictures

           Yeah! It is time to entertain our brain and to enjoy some of the funny final fantasy pictures now. These especially adapted images could bring us much enjoyment. Let's enjoy them together!

Final Fantasy VI Terra Branford Cosplay

As one of the most popular final fantasy series, Final Fantasy VI plays an irreplaceable place in the eyes of the game players and cosplayers. And cosplay final fantasy Terra Branford of course becomes hot among the other ff characters.
Terra Branford is the one of the main characters of ff VI, and she is the first introduced role controled by the Empire with gifted magical power. She is beautiful and sexy with long curly hair. Hence she naturally becomes one of the best cosplay choices to the cosplay girls.
Here is a sexy Terra Branford cosplay as it shows in the picture. The cosplay costume looks pretty, the red skirt, purple ribbon up in her hair, pale pink cape around her neck, red sleeves on her arms and white stockings on her legs. In a word, she is sexy and charming. The details on her dress are especial splendid that perfect her cosplay. I love this final fantasy cosplay.

Dear Mr. Trate

Not surprisingly another Slave Leia bashing article has surfaced on the web. This one however is in a league of it's own. Not only did they specifically target the article Entertainment Weekly did on me preparing for this year's San Diego Comic Con (as Leia) but they also featured a photo they took of me at  Comic Con and went on to admit that they have taken several other pictures of me at conventions as Catwoman and Zatanna. Funny enough after confessing they have several pictures of me in multiple costumes, they go on to state that they have no clue as to who I am (even though my name and information is listed in the Entertainment Weekly article he referenced). Furthermore the individual claims they were "surprised" to see me "three years" after cosplaying Zatanna  in San Diego. The humorous thing about that statement is I first wore Zatanna to a con at the 2010 Wizard World Philly show aka the Philadelphia Comic Con and wore Slave Leia to California a month later. Where do you get a three year gap when those cosplays were in fact one month apart? When one of my friends defended me in this article, Mr. Trate instantly knew she was referring to me (even though she pointed out a photo featuring two Slave Leia's) without her mentioning my name.  Upon registering on the site to leave my own personal response, I found that my email account had all ready been blocked. Curious.

The article isn't solely about me but uses me as an example on why "Slave Leia is Dead" and goes on to accuse Gentle Giant Studios  using Leia for "marketing" (I guess he knows better than a multimillion dollar company with a contract with Lucasfilm and feels they should take his marketing advice) and accuses the models of not being real Star Wars fans. He accuses Olivia Munn and Adrianne Curry of being posers and that they only wore the metal bikini to promote themselves. Here's a prime example of educating yourself before you stick your foot in your mouth; Olivia Munn wore it as part of her job for G4 TV and anyone who knows Adrianne Curry is well aware that she is a proud geek and a major Star Wars fan.

Apparently Slave Leia was hot up until 2009 according to Mr. Trate. He admits he is a big fan of it. So what happened? No explanation is given. Perhaps he was snubbed or got turned down for a date by a Slave Leia model. His call on Slave Leia's to show their "creative side and do something different" leaves me asking:

 "Who the hell are you?"

Almost all of the Slave Leia's have other cosplays. I myself have over ten costumes and was named the Queen of Cosplay by the Modern Tokyo Times and Axiom Magazine. You know nothing about them, Mr. Trate. You are judgemental and prejudice. At San Diego Comic Con we are HIRED TO DO A JOB and you even admitted to stopping by the Gentle Giant booth to take a photo of me (and at several other

Mr. Trate encourages Leia's to take creative liberties with the costume and praises others who have done so completely ignoring the fact that the models must mirror Carrie Fisher's look. He lists other characters women should cosplay as if we want or require his opinion. Finally, Mr. Trate  attempted to reach out to me saying "his boss" had several "messages" for me stating the article was not meant to be personal. What made me howl with laughter is after getting into Lois Lane mode, I discovered that he was in fact the writer of the article and used unconvincing aliases that were easy to expose. Next time, don't pick something so obvious.

Now because I work in the real world and have a respectable full time job as a teacher, naturally I didn't discover this until after I got out of work. To find that someone once again is bashing my side job is unsurprising. How funny is it that someone on the outside is trying to tell professional models how to do their job. You're not our employer thus we are not required to listen to you particularly when some of us are veteran cosplayers. Save the requests for the Gentlemen's club and stop acting like you're an authority because you're not.

To quote one of my fans:

"Yawn to the haters." The Slave Leia bashing is the one that's tired. I'm doing what I love, am successful in multiple fields and do not plan to stop.


Pretty Final Fantasy X Yuna Cosplay

There is no denying that a lot of cosplay girls are obssessed with final fantasy Yuna cosplay, one of the main reasons is that there are many differernt suits with different styles that they could make a good choice and display attractive apperance in the activity. And of course we could enjoy numerous exceelent copslayers who are really great, and they not only have the similar body shape as Yuna, but also get the suitable cosplay costume for their figure along with the paerfect related accessories.
And I found this final fantasy cosplay from the internet, the cosplay girl in the picture obviously is one of the best cosplayers. It is uploaded by Shirokumapancosplay, she made the cosplay outfit and the weapon in her hands, and yeah she is not only a good impersonator but also a skilled sewer. It can be said that most of us could not do the same perfect job as her. So it proves that she chose the right character for her cosplay show. Everyyhing seems great. Although we could not see the rest of the attire, we could imagine that beautiful dress is there hidden.
     Do you also want to try an unforggetable final fantasy cosplay? Maybe this one will help to fulfiil that.

Cool Final Fantasy Versus XIII Noctis Lucis Caelum Cosplay

As for the cool final fantasy cosplay, the ff versus xiii Noctis Lucis Caelum cosplay must be included. This type of show is also piercing in the eyes of the boys and girls. So could find that there are lots of cosplayers dress the related cosplay costumes in all kinds of activities.
In terms of Noctis Lucis Caelum, he is the protagonist of the role-playing game Final Fantasy Versus XIII which hasn’t any relationship with the game of Final Fantasy XIII, and he is the future king of his country and burdens the responsibility of protecting the last crystals from taking by the marauders from other countries.
As regards his nature, he is somewhat a silent, farouche and gloomy boy. But just because of his characteristic, he looks cool and handsome to us. The color of his eyes will change blue into crimson while there will be a blue arms at his back in fighting. He is really a charming individual in the eyes of his aficionados, and many of the  cosplay boys show their interest in cosplaying him in the show.
The boy in the picture shows a really similar Noctis Lucis Caelum to us. The gay hair and the red contact lenses in his eyes plus the large weapon as well as the dark cosplay costume, all of them are perfect. I am charmed by him.

Women of Wonder Day Charity event!

This year's Women of Wonder Day (formerly known as Wonder Woman Day) will be held October 29th and 30th throughout locations across the country including Oregon, New Jersey and Texas. The event taking place in Flemington New Jersey will be held at the Comic Fusion store located on 42 Main Street from 11:00 am until 6:00pm. Comic Fusion will be auctioning various items including original artwork, collectibles, autographed items and the chance to be photographed with cosplayers. All proceeds will go towards the Safe in Hunterdon organization which helps victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Check out their website for more information . For a complete list of the events taking place in all the three states, check of the official Women of Wonder Day website. Comic Fusions art gallery auction can be found here with email bidding rules here.

I will be attending the event in New Jersey on Sunday, October 30th.  If you're in the area whether it be in Oregon, New Jersey or Texas be sure to stop by for a great time and to help support a worthy cause. 

Final Fantasy Cosplay Wigs

There is no denying that apart from the cosplay costume, the wig plays an important role in the show. The same does the final fantasy cosplay wig. Since the characters of the FF series are in special style and personality, the outside appearances are outstanding and unique, and maybe this is one of the main reasons that attract tond of imitotors try this final fantasy cosplay. Hence, both boys and girl need to get a similar wig for the show but not their real hair.
Different role has different hairstyle. In my view, each of them is quite perfect as a prop. More often than not, the truest is the best. These cosplay wigs really look great; we can imagine that others would not feel anything uncomfortable or rough; they will consider it as our own hair instead.
Now, let’s take a close look at some of the dashing cosplay wigs.

New York Comic Con 2011 Wrap up

This year was my first time attending the New York Comic Con Convention which took place October 13th thru the 16th at the Javits Center. I attended the show Saturday and Sunday and was eager to compare it to the crowds, chaos and excitement of the San Diego Comic Con. After arriving in the Big Apple in the early afternoon with my event photographer Brian, we met up with our mutual friend Alisha, checked into our hotel and I changed into Slave Leia before heading out to the biggest comic show on the East Coast. Upon arrival I immediately noticed that some of the same displays at the San Diego show were also at the New York show (the up side down Spider-Man display, a life size Revenge of the Jedi action figure package, a life size model of Optimus Prime just to name a few). Of course there was plenty that was not at the San Diego show such as a Jem and the Holograms display at the Hasbro booth, Young Justice action figures featuring a completed Hall of Justice and the new 52 DC action figures featuring my personal favorites, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Cosplaying is obviously one of my passions and I find that when I wear the metal bikini to events, people get out of hand. Something about the image of Slave Leia puts comic geeks into overdrive and majority of them don't know how to ask for a photo so they grab you. I literally lost count with how many times someone grabbed me by the shoulder or arm. It happened within a few minutes after arriving on the convention floor. I turned around and said to many individuals  "Don't touch me." It's not a pleasant feeling walking around and a hand suddenly reaching out and pulling you back. I can't stress this enough: KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF AND USE YOUR WORDS. As usual the same problems arised; people asking for a photo while I'm talking to a friend, trying to text or make a call or while I'm attempting to take photos for my Blog. Even when I put my hoodie on (a clear sign saying I've had enough of taking photos) people still stopped me. I began to shoot down the requests. And to top it off a "wrestling team" with a camera stopped me for a video interview and began asking me the most inappropriate questions ("Admit that Jabba turns you on", "Does Han pull on this chain in bed?", "Do you have a vibrator?") and when they weren't getting the answers they wanted they claimed they "refused to believe I was a good girl". Assholes. I vowed not to cosplay Sunday. On a positive note, I did get many compliments. One woman thanked me for dressing up as Leia and many said I looked better and was prettier than the original princess (which is always odd to hear). Speaking of Cosplay, my friend Hannah arrived in her trademark flawless Harley Quinn and Alisha debuted her fabulous new Supergirl cosplay. Andrea, a beautiful woman I was introduced to by Alisha arrived as She Hulk and was a real crowd pleaser! Boothes had their mascots and representatives such as a lego BumbleBee.


Now let's talk shopping and art! For years I have always wanted a Moogle stuffed animal (from the Final Fantasy games) but they aren't available in America. I finally had the opportunity to get one at the Square Enix booth. That seriously made me happy beyond words. I always enjoy going to the Artist Alley to talk to the talented artists and buy prints. This year I discover Ant Lucia (check out his site HERE), who had a beautiful Princess Leia print at his table but what really caught my eye was a stunningly beautiful piece of Superman and Lois Lane. It was love at first sight for me and I immediately said "I'll take it!"  I also caught up with artist Vinnie Tartamella whom I have spoken to online for the past three years but never met in person (he also did a Mermaid commission for me a couple of years ago). I got three beautiful prints from him; two of his version of Alice and Wonder Woman. We also stopped by to see friend and Living Corpse creator Ken Haser. On Sunday I had a shoot for the Filipino edition of FHM magazine (the theme was black lingerie in a nightclub) then headed back to the show to meet up with friends and take one last tour of the convention. I caught up with artist and friend Billy Tucci and Eric Basaldua (eBas) who requested that I lay on his table for some fun shots. 

My opinion on the New York Comic Con was that it was a fun show with a lot to offer. It's better organized than the San Diego Comic Con (which in all honestly has too many attendees and not enough security and employees). I'm not saying that the crowds are better in New York; there's a massive amount of people and at times getting from point A to point B is close to impossible. The crowd is overwhelming. The Artist Alley was my favorite area but the best part of this show (and any show I attend) is catching up with friends. I truly feel that the greatest thing about these events is that they bring people together. It's always great  to spend a little time with the people you care about weither it's gawking at geek stuff, sharing dinner or watching cartoons at your hotel (Daffy Duck is an asshole by the way). I want to thank everyone involved at the New York Comic Con for  this year's show.