Black Butler Maylene Cosplay Costume

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Black Butler Maylene Cosplay Costume here covers a body skirt and an apron. The black body skirt has long sleeves and reaches your calf. The white apron is designed with ruffles on the shoulders and four black buttons for decoration. Our Cosplay Costume comes with quality uniform cloth which is comfortable and durable. Besides, it is perfectly made exactly according to what the original character wears. The Black Butler Maylene Cosplay Costume is not only great for cosplay shows but also suitable for daily wear.

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To make you look the same as the original role, we also offer Maylene head wear, Cosplay Wig and Cosplay Weapon. Of course, don't forget to pick a pair of glasses and a pair of brown boots to complete your look vividly.

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Black Butler Lau Cosplay Costume

The above is what we provide for you, Black Butler Lau fans. We have always spared no efforts to provide the reliable costumes to help you make your cosplay perfect.

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The Black Butler Lau Cosplay Costume includes a Cheong-sam, a belt and a pair of pants. The most important part in Black Butler Lau's cospaly show should be his darkslategray Cheong-sam with red edging. Three red frog buttons are also applied on the high collar. The Cheong-sam is designed with white cuffed sleeves. To look the same as Lau in the anime, you also need a pair of white pants and a white belt.

You may notice that Lau has short black hair. If your hair is not in black color, an easy option is to buy a Black Butler Lau Cosplay Wig. We offer a wide range of cosplay wigs for you to choose from.

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There is no need for you to worry about the quality of the costume. We use the uniform cloth to make sure the costume is not only the same as the original one in the anime but also easy to wash and durable to wear.

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Shining Tears Cosplay Weapon tutorial-Elwyn's wand

In our last post , we have talked about the Elmina Rhoderia' Cosplay wand tutorial , today we will continue to talk about another wand tutorial - Elwyn's wand from Shining Tears Cosplay.

It is clearly different from the process of Elmina's wand. Elwyn’s wand is eminent in the geometric mouldmaking which can be found in most of the Japanese manga works. So the process of Elwyn's wand and Elmina's wand is different.

The following is the original photo of Elwyn's wand.

I prefer to look at the pictures of the hand-made model when I make the prop.As the picture of the hand-made model looks more stereoscopic.The original picture is two-dimensional which is designed by the author at random without considering whether the model is three-dimensional or not. But it is a disaster to the maker of prop .

Main materials: 3 MM thick PVC foam board,5 MM thick EVA board,15 MM diameter stainless steel pipe with 120 CM length,20 MM diameter PVC water pipe,25 MM diameter PVC water pipe,one metal circle,white sheet iron,super glue,melt adhesive,AB glue,putty.

Make the body at first. Begin with wings.

Cut five pairs of PVC foam wings.

Glue five wings at each side by super glue. Each wing is bigger than another.

Each side has five PVC foam wings which makes a pair of symmetrical wings.

Cut EVA board into 15 mm wide strips(cut as you like), which can be seen below. Two EVA strips are needed.

Glue each wing to each EVA strip with melt adhesive.

The part glueing EVA strips and wings which looks stiff needs embellishment.Putty it, and grind it after solidification.Then the segment looks smooth.

In order that the wings look smooth,you can decorate the wings as above.

The next step is to make the top of the wand.

Fasten the metal circle to the screw with slim iron wire which makes it convenient to insert the metal circle in the water pipe.

I like to choose metal as the accessory.It depends on what you like.It is also a good choice to use the lightweight plastic ones.

I plan to insert the metal circle in the top PVC water pipe.But I choose the stainless steel pipe in order that the top handle is in shape and stable.

Now is to fix the metal circle on the stainless steel pipe.

Then fill the two openings of stainless steel pipe with AB glue reinforcing the top metal circle.

It is necessary to choose the suitable glue.

It depends.

Several kinds of glue are used when we make the prop.

For example it is convenient to use super glue to stick the small accessory and board.

It is ideal to use the hot melt adhesive for affusion. As the melt adhesive is not flowing but cooling quickly.

It is not convenient to use AB glue. But it is effective and stiff which is suitable to strengthen the unstable places.

Drill holes at the two sides of the stainless steel pipe, insert a metal bar and reinforce the metal bar with AB glue.The metal bar is to fix the wings which needs to be slim and not obvious. Thus it is better to choose the metal accessory bearing the weight.

The helix are made of two white sheet iron strips which have the same width as EVA strip.It is not wise to have wide white sheet iron strips. Be careful when you cut the white sheet iron.

It is better to stick the white sheet iron strips inside the EVA by AB glue. This makes it possible that white sheet iron strips are glued on EVA strips even the sheet iron strips are bent.

Drill holes at the side of wings.

Insert the metal bars in the wings and stick with AB glue.

Brush the handle and wings.(This can be done after the wand is finished.But it is a little troublesome.)

Do not spray the two EVA strips. If the EVA strips are sprayed right now, they may discolor when they are bent.

Twist the two EVA strips accroding to the picture,after the glue on the white sheet iron strips are solidified.

Although it is not easy to reshape EVA strips,the white sheet iron strips help to be in shape after delicate adjustment. It takes much time to adjust the shape of EVA strips. As the white sheet iron strips are also flexible which are not easy to control.

Do not cover the hole stainless steel pipe when you twist EVA strips around the steel pipe.

Leave the steel pipe at least 30 CM long without the helix in order that the top stainless steel pipe fits the below PVC water pipe later.

It is time to process the below handle.

Cut a 25 MM diameter, 10 CM long PVC water pipe.

Wrap a 0.33 MM thick plastic strip at each opening of the water pipe which makes the water pipe look nice.

Prepare a long 20 MM diameter PVC water pipe which is the main part of the wand.

How long is the water pipe?

It depends on what you like.

Fix the 25 MM diameter PVC water pipe in the long 20 MM diameter water pipe.

Melt adhesive can be used to fasten the two PVC water pipes.

The last but most important is to fix the top handle and the below handle.

Spray the left stainless steel pipe with hot melt adhesive and insert it in the PVC water pipe quickly.

Otherwise the melt adhesive will cool. And it is impossible to push the steel pipe in the water pipe.

In order not to meet such a problem, you can use AB glue. But it is troublesome.

Do not forget to spray the helix with propylene at last.

Now Elwyn’s wand in Shining Tears is finished.

Black Butler Gureru Sutcliffe Cosplay Costume

The great fans of Black Butler Gureru Sutcliffe please look here. We are the dream-maker you are looking for. To make your dream of cosplaying Gureru Sutcliffe in Black Butler anime come true, you need us to be your best cosplay assistant.

The Black Butler Gureru Sutcliffe Cosplay Costume provided here includes an overcoat, a jacket, a shirt and a pair of pants. The red overcoat features black trimming and a very cool lapel. Inside the overcoat is a red sleeveless jacket with a row of black buttons. Certainly, the jacket looks great with shirt. Here we offer you a white shirt decorated with a pink bow tie.

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What about the pants? We have prepared you a pair of long black pants to match the upper parts. Don’t forget to get yourself a pair of black shoes and a pair of black leather gloves to make your cosplay show perfect.

To look the same as Gureru Sutcliffe, you also need to pick a pair of glasses with red frame. Also don't overlook the hairstyle. Here you can find fabulous Gureru Sutcliffe Cosplay Wig. We promise our cosplay costumes and cosplay wigs come with quality fabric, which is very comfortable to wear and easy to wash.

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Black Butler Doll Cosplay Costume

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Here we offer you nice Black Butler Cosplay Costumes. Just take a look! Black Butler Ciel Phantomhive Cosplay Costume & Wig are popular among anime enthusiasts. For girls who want to look lovely and cute at the cosplay show, our Black Butler Doll Cosplay Costume would be a great choice. More details are found below.

The Black Butler Doll Cosplay Costume includes a body skirt, a hat, a belt, two wrist bands and a bowknot. The body skirt with shoulder straps is white and reaches the length above the knee. The upper front part of the skirt has pleated details which add a feminine touch to your look. The bottom edge of the skirt is designed with floral trimmings which look elegant and chic.

To show off your curves, a grey belt is provided. The bowknot and wrist bands look great with this trendy dress. If you want to become a real Doll, don't forget to pick up the flower-like hat. It is recommended that you choose a pair of white stockings and white high heels to match with this skirt.

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Our Doll Cosplay Costume comes with quality satin which kisses your tender skin gently. You will look and feel great with it. This Costume is also easy to wash and can be worn for quite a long time. You are sure to get gorgeous Doll Cosplay Costume that is made exactly according to the one the original character wears.

You can have your Cosplay Costume customized here. We assure what you see at our site is what you get. If you are interested in Cosplay Wigs and Cosplay Weapons, we have lots of them in stock.

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