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Here some image of Rikku (FF X2). Hope good enough as reference for your costume preparation.

Rikku Costume How To

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Rikku's Headband
  1. Find and cut a length of blue material. It should be long enough to be tied around your head, and wide enough to go from about the top of your forehead to the middle of your scalp. Alternatively, stretchy material can be used, so no tying will be necessary.
  2. Fold over about 1/2 and inch of the the material on the long sides and sew with blue thread for a more finished appearance.
  3. DO NOT fold over and sew a seam! Try your best to find blue Spandex, as this will make the headband as painless as possible.
  4. Measure the head band to be twice the width it should be, and add 1/2 inch for seam allowances. Then, fold the piece of fabric in half(with the side you want to be seen on the inside) , and then sew a seam along the open sides to close them up.
  5. Press the seams by ironing them flat.
  6. Turn the tube of fabric inside out, so that the "top" side of the fabric is now facing out.
  7. Fold the band in half again so that the two ends are together, and sew them shut.
  8. Press the Seams and turn the band inwards.
  9. ( If it is possible, use a curved needle to stitch the band into the mesh of your wig so that it won't move around.
  10. Make sure to hide the stitches by only sewing on the inside layer. There should be no visible seams.

Rikku's Gloves
  1. Buy a pair of gloves in leather color bordeaux (is better) or dark brown.
  2. Make the gloves fingerless to the first knuckle.
  3. Sew the finger cuts, so the gloves won't break.
  4. Buy leather or faux-leather material if you can't afford the gloves. Use a pattern to cut and shape them.

Rikku's Small Pouches
  1. Cut the shapes similar on the cloth and sew it.
  2. You must make a little bag, so you take the right sizes on you body.
  3. Now cut in the cloth also a little loop, where then you will insert the belt.
  4. Remember to sew it not in the center of the bag, but more in height size.
  5. Now put the eyelets on the opening and then over this sew the orange laces then in second moment you will insert in the eyelets' hole, so the bag will rest close.
  6. For the belt you make it always in same cloth of the bag, remember to sew it in double layer, so it will be more resistant.
  7. Now insert in it the press stud (you can insert it like closing or like decoration, check it in official Rikku's image).
  8. Then when the belt will be ready, put in it also the buckle. This type of buckle is difficult to find, so you can customize it.
  9. Take a similar buckle without steel bar in the middle and make it with a steel lamination or in other metals, that you can find in hardware store and attach it with strong glue (loctite) or fuse it with oxyhydrogen flame.
  10. The last thing, to do stay the bags more swollen, you can insert inside them a piece of foam rubber.

Rikku's Shoes
  1. For the shoes use a pair of boots in leather, and cut the upper part vertically to triangle.
  2. Then glue another piece of leather under the triangle, so the triangles stay open.
  3. Then take some acrylic color (blue and white) and paint the boots, to make sure that the colors don't mix use paper tape to divide the parts.
  4. First you give the blue and then the white.
  5. Now you put the eyelets on the back of the boots, and then you put in the
  6. Eyelet the yellow shoelaces.
  7. Now you take some silk white ribbon and with glue you make the decoration on the border of the boots.

Rikku's Visible Underwear
  1. The right procedure for this is to take some panties similar to a tanga and to copy the model.
  2. When you have copied the model in a paper, you bring it on the cloth; you use the same cloth that you used for the bra.
  3. It is better to use the yellow lycra.
  4. When you have cut and sew it, take two strips of orange lycra or other flexible cloth, is better to use the same orange lycra of the bra or to find a similar color cloth.
  5. Sew this two strips at the border of the tanga, if you make them in flexible cloth, they will stay on, in your hips without problems.
  6. Remember that the orange strips are really important in this pieces of the costume, because you will see only them over the skirt.
  7. This is the correct method, but if you have haste you also can sew the strips over the skirt...but the result is not so wonderful

Rikku's Sleeves
  1. See the model of the Sleeve in a official Rikku's image, cut it on the paper and bring it on the cloth (remember to do this with open model and not already close(^^)
  2. Now sew the hem of the sleeve, but leave open it, you will close it with the ribbon.
  3. Cut always in the cloth eight strips, these will became the strips for the ribbons.
  4. Now sew them in the border of the sleeve, in specular mode as you see in image n. 1.
  5. For more security is better that you close the top side of the sleeve and insert in it a elastic strip, so the sleeve will rest on your arm without problem.
  6. The Sleeves are ready, you must only tie the strip and to do the ribbons.
  7. (If you have some friend you wear the sleeves and ask at your friend to tie the ribbons, while if you are alone, tie the ribbons before to wear the sleeves

Rikku's Bra-like Top
  1. Take two bra's cup with triangle shape.
  2. Cover them with yellow lycra.
  3. Now take a strip of orange lycra or silk and sew it around the bra's cup covered with yellow lycra.
  4. Put two eyelets on every bra's cup over the attached orange strip; here you will put the orange laces, when you will link the two cups.
  5. Now sew a little yellow lycra strip at the two cups ( remember to do this in lycra, because it must be flexible, so also without fastening you can wear the bra, without break it or open it with orange laces.
  6. Then sew a short black leather belt with a buckles at the high side of the cup.
  7. when you finished this, put in the buckles a long black leather belt, that will go from a cup to other cup.
  8. So you finished all the Rikku's Bra.
  9. Note: You can do it also without bra cups but I advice for the persons with big breast is better to use the cups.

Rikku's Mini skirt
  1. Make a skirt, using a similar fabric as Rikku's. Rikku's is but very short, but you can make it a few inches longer, if you'd like.
  2. Add any stitching and details.
  3. Add the pouches, and wear over the visible underwear.

Rikku's Scarf
  1. For the scarf, you take wool tissue (yellow color) and with this you make a scarf ( double layer), now you take batik color (red) and dye for the center of the scarf ( some immersion are needed). When you have the right color you stop this procedure.
  2. Now you take the yellow wool and make the plumes (for each are needed about 20).

Rikku's Hair
  1. Take a normal blonde wig for carnival, Halloween or other event in costume of your country.
  2. Don't worry if your wig isn't a perfect, without longer hair or right fringe, in this tutorial I'll teach you how adjust it.
  3. Tie the hair's wig in ponytail with a black rubber band, but leave two hair locks in front and behind.
  4. Now do four little pigtails at these locks and tie them with transparent rubber band and put in them the beads.
  5. Here you must use two types of beads, two big (blue and pink) and two really small. (For the right color check on the official Rikku's image).
  6. Take in the pony tail some locks, and do also at these little pigtails and close them always with transparent rubber band. (check the number of pigtails unofficial Rikkus' image)
  7. Now insert a medium beads in the middle of the pigtails, then insert the bottom side of the pigtails in the black rubber band.
  8. while you insert the pigtails you must cross they between them.
  9. Now if you see that your ponytail isn't long enough, buy a hair blonde extension (you can do it also with another wig, cut the hair and sew it on the cloth strip) and insert this application inside at the black rubber band, so you will have a longer ponytail.
  10. If the fringe is too short, take or make an extension and sew it at the wig with a normal needle (you must sew it by hand, because with sewing machine it's impossible to do and the result won't be good).
  11. Now put the wig on you head, and insert the hair band, and put on it the two free pigtails on it.

Rikku's Weapons
  1. Draw the body of the weapons on a 1.5 cm thick multilayered ply-wood.
  2. Drill the holes and cut them with an electric hand-saw, make the edges with plane and rasps,
  3. Finish with sand-paper and plaster or putty.
  4. Draw the golden rings on a 0.5 cm thick ply-wood, drill the holes and cut them.
  5. Put the big flat headed spikes on the weapons.
  6. Paint the weapons with metallic red and the rings with red-golden or golden paint.
  7. Glue the pieces together and paint the handles brown.

Things You'll Need
For Rikku's earrings:
  • 2 pigeon (or other similar bird) feathers of the same length
  • An orange synthetic feather duster
  • Acrylic yellow and orange spray or for airbrush paint
  • Loctite (super attack) or similar glue
  • Nylon fishing line (the thinnest)

Rikku's weapons:
  • Multilayered ply-wood 1.5 cm thick
  • ply-wood 0.5 cm thick
  • Spikes
  • plaster or putty
  • Sand-paper

Rikku's skirt:
  • Alkantara
  • Velcro
  • Orange laces
  • Eyelets

Rikku's scarf:
  • Cloth in Wool (Yellow)
  • Cloth Color for Batik (Red)
  • Yellow Wool

Rikku's shoes:
  • Pair of Boots in Leather
  • Acrylic Color Spray
  • White Silk Ribbon
  • Yellow shoelaces
  • Eyelets

Rikku's underwear:
  • Yellow Lycra
  • Orange Lycra or other Flexible Cloth

Rikku's sleeves:
White or Cream color Cloth, Semitransparent (Remember don't use of the Cyfone)

Rikku's bags:
  • Yellow Strong Cotton Cloth, Yellow Leather or Faux Leather
  • Buckle
  • Orange laces
  • Large Eyelets
  • Press Stud

Rikku's gloves:
A pair of gloves in leather color bordeaux or dark brown in alternative leather in these color.

Rikku's hairband:
  • A White Hair Band or Flexible Cloth.
  • Blue Color for Batik

Rikku's bra/top:
  • Yellow lycra
  • Orange lycra or silk strip
  • Orange laces
  • Eyelets

Rikku's Hair:
  • Long Blonde Wig
  • Blue and Pink beads of various dimensions.
  • Transparent Rubber Bands for hair
  • Black Rubber Bands for hair

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Shining Tears Cosplay Weapon tutorial-Elwyn's wand

In our last post , we have talked about the Elmina Rhoderia' Cosplay wand tutorial , today we will continue to talk about another wand tutorial - Elwyn's wand from Shining Tears Cosplay.

It is clearly different from the process of Elmina's wand. Elwyn’s wand is eminent in the geometric mouldmaking which can be found in most of the Japanese manga works. So the process of Elwyn's wand and Elmina's wand is different.

The following is the original photo of Elwyn's wand.

I prefer to look at the pictures of the hand-made model when I make the prop.As the picture of the hand-made model looks more stereoscopic.The original picture is two-dimensional which is designed by the author at random without considering whether the model is three-dimensional or not. But it is a disaster to the maker of prop .

Main materials: 3 MM thick PVC foam board,5 MM thick EVA board,15 MM diameter stainless steel pipe with 120 CM length,20 MM diameter PVC water pipe,25 MM diameter PVC water pipe,one metal circle,white sheet iron,super glue,melt adhesive,AB glue,putty.

Make the body at first. Begin with wings.

Cut five pairs of PVC foam wings.

Glue five wings at each side by super glue. Each wing is bigger than another.

Each side has five PVC foam wings which makes a pair of symmetrical wings.

Cut EVA board into 15 mm wide strips(cut as you like), which can be seen below. Two EVA strips are needed.

Glue each wing to each EVA strip with melt adhesive.

The part glueing EVA strips and wings which looks stiff needs embellishment.Putty it, and grind it after solidification.Then the segment looks smooth.

In order that the wings look smooth,you can decorate the wings as above.

The next step is to make the top of the wand.

Fasten the metal circle to the screw with slim iron wire which makes it convenient to insert the metal circle in the water pipe.

I like to choose metal as the accessory.It depends on what you like.It is also a good choice to use the lightweight plastic ones.

I plan to insert the metal circle in the top PVC water pipe.But I choose the stainless steel pipe in order that the top handle is in shape and stable.

Now is to fix the metal circle on the stainless steel pipe.

Then fill the two openings of stainless steel pipe with AB glue reinforcing the top metal circle.

It is necessary to choose the suitable glue.

It depends.

Several kinds of glue are used when we make the prop.

For example it is convenient to use super glue to stick the small accessory and board.

It is ideal to use the hot melt adhesive for affusion. As the melt adhesive is not flowing but cooling quickly.

It is not convenient to use AB glue. But it is effective and stiff which is suitable to strengthen the unstable places.

Drill holes at the two sides of the stainless steel pipe, insert a metal bar and reinforce the metal bar with AB glue.The metal bar is to fix the wings which needs to be slim and not obvious. Thus it is better to choose the metal accessory bearing the weight.

The helix are made of two white sheet iron strips which have the same width as EVA strip.It is not wise to have wide white sheet iron strips. Be careful when you cut the white sheet iron.

It is better to stick the white sheet iron strips inside the EVA by AB glue. This makes it possible that white sheet iron strips are glued on EVA strips even the sheet iron strips are bent.

Drill holes at the side of wings.

Insert the metal bars in the wings and stick with AB glue.

Brush the handle and wings.(This can be done after the wand is finished.But it is a little troublesome.)

Do not spray the two EVA strips. If the EVA strips are sprayed right now, they may discolor when they are bent.

Twist the two EVA strips accroding to the picture,after the glue on the white sheet iron strips are solidified.

Although it is not easy to reshape EVA strips,the white sheet iron strips help to be in shape after delicate adjustment. It takes much time to adjust the shape of EVA strips. As the white sheet iron strips are also flexible which are not easy to control.

Do not cover the hole stainless steel pipe when you twist EVA strips around the steel pipe.

Leave the steel pipe at least 30 CM long without the helix in order that the top stainless steel pipe fits the below PVC water pipe later.

It is time to process the below handle.

Cut a 25 MM diameter, 10 CM long PVC water pipe.

Wrap a 0.33 MM thick plastic strip at each opening of the water pipe which makes the water pipe look nice.

Prepare a long 20 MM diameter PVC water pipe which is the main part of the wand.

How long is the water pipe?

It depends on what you like.

Fix the 25 MM diameter PVC water pipe in the long 20 MM diameter water pipe.

Melt adhesive can be used to fasten the two PVC water pipes.

The last but most important is to fix the top handle and the below handle.

Spray the left stainless steel pipe with hot melt adhesive and insert it in the PVC water pipe quickly.

Otherwise the melt adhesive will cool. And it is impossible to push the steel pipe in the water pipe.

In order not to meet such a problem, you can use AB glue. But it is troublesome.

Do not forget to spray the helix with propylene at last.

Now Elwyn’s wand in Shining Tears is finished.

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