Anime Cosplay Characters

The Trend of Cosplay Costumes - Cosplay costumes which originated from Japan are really popular and are also being designed by many major countries such as USA and UK these days. Cosplay costumes were initially designed for the anime characters and now even the western cultures have started adopting the cosplay culture. The only difference is that the westerners use science fiction characters and other popular characters from movies such star trek and so on to design their costumes.

After the anime characters were introduced, all the major international countries began designing their coslay characters. In countries like Mexico, you can see that cosplay is displayed in science fiction films or videogames. There are representatives and student bodies which organize their get together and with the cosplay themes so they are able to take pictures together.

In Australia, cosplay costumes are based on character from science fiction novels, movies, television shows, and video games and so on. They pick characters whose costumes holds utmost importance. They organize events in major regional centers as well as in cities. There are also social groups which exist around the country with interest in cosplay.

In some countries such as France, this is a wide spread activity. Most use the Japanese themes and Japanese characters like manga and anime, but manga is the most popular among the French population. These days, cosplay is getting popular in countries like Philippines as well.

If you are also looking to become a character from the anime series, there are numerous stores on the internet where you can purchase your costume from. These costumes will be well suited for any parties or Halloween. You can surprise your friends and relatives this Halloween with these kinds of costumes.

Cosplay Wigs

Tips For Purchasing Cosplay Wigs

Cosplay has become a familiar term for most people nowadays, you can see cosplay shows and hear cosplay news here and there. In most people's view, cosplay is a game, it's just entertainment for people. In cosplayers' mind, cosplay is the soul of themselves, they want to show what they think about through cosplay, they want to hold as many cosplay shows as possible. They will choose cosplay plots from anime movies, manga books and also from video games.

To be frank, if you want to hold a cosplay successfully, you have to invest a lot into the preparation. You have to prepare everything needed well before you start to do anything else. You have to choose the suitable cosplay costumes, cosplay wigs, cosplay weapons and some other cosplay accessories. The better you prepare, the better you will show.

For most cosplayers, costumes are of great importance as they have to dress up themselves with these costumes. Yes, they are right, but cosplay wigs are also very essential. If you want to be similar to the original chracter you are going to cosplay, you have to dress up yourself from head to toes, a cosplay wig is the thing you need to use. With the cosplay wig, you can get what hair style you want. For example, if you are playing a princess, then you can choose a golden long wig which can make you cute and stunning.

Cosplay Wigs
Final Fantasy Cosplay Wigs

When you choose cosplay wigs, you should pay attention to the quality of these wigs, usually it's advised to choose the good quality one as it will not do harm to you. Only the healthy and quality wigs are the best.

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Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna Thief Cosplay

As for final fantasy cosplay, there is no denying that portray Yuna is really hot in the eyes of the cosplay girls. And we could always have so many fantastic cosplay costumes about this character; each of her accoutrement is distinctive and attractive. In this way, it seems that we want to try every piece if possible in the show. 

This is one of the best final fantasy x-2 Yuna thief cosplays I have ever seen. The cosplayer is Angelwing from the United States. She is beautiful and charming, and she has the similar faces as Yuna and alluring body shape. The pretty wig and the cosplay dress are so amazing, I love them, yeah, and I love all of her cosplay. She is an excellent cosplayer. I think you would agree with me, right?
Cosplay final fantasy Yuna could always bring us something unexpected, it is a safe bet that each of us want to give it a whirl.

Best Sasuke Cosplay

Best Sasuke Cosplay
Best Sasuke Cosplay

Sasuke Uchiha a member of the Uchiha clan, a highly skilled clan of ninjas allied to the village of Konohagakure in Naruto. Make you the same as Sasuke Uchiha in this Naruto cosplay costume for cosplay show.

Easy Anime Cosplay

Cosplay Costumes - The Perfect Guide To Look Good

Cosplay parties are attended worldwide by the people of all groups and ages. The idea of such events is to bring alive some anime cartoon characters. In such an event, each individual represents a specific character from a comic book or even a video game. Costume play is certainly a growing phenomenon worldwide. We can easily say that it is a great method of social enjoyment and entertainment. Further in this article, we are going to talk about Cosplay costumes in detail.

In order to look flawless in a Cosplay party you need to do a number of things. One of the major things to do is to look for an innovative costume and you also need to learn how to copy the mannerisms of your favorite anime character. It would help you get inside the role of the character in a better way. You also need to find some reference pictures on the net. It would give you a detailed idea regarding the kind of look you want to imitate.

Make sure you go through the points mentioned below carefully. I am sure these points would offer you some great help and guidance.

• Internet shopping is a great option for you to consider. It allows you to avail a lot of discounts and offers. You can surf some online websites place your order as per your requirements.

• You need to imitate each and every habit of your character. Make sure you do everything to make it look real. Only then, your friends would be impressed by you.

• If you want you can also choose a video game character. It is also a great option for you to consider.

• Now, you need to consider buying some accessories. Cosplay costumes look great along with some accessories. I am sure that it would add a lot to your entire look.

• Once you have gathered all the items you can assemble your costume properly.
• If you want you can add some traditional values to your dress. It would surely make you look good.

• Before wearing your costume for the event you need to dress up at home first. It would give you a brief idea regarding the kind of look you want. You can say that it is a sort of full dress rehearsal.

So, these are some of the most interesting things to note regarding Cosplay costumes. I am sure you would be able to catch the eye of your friends during such an event. Enjoy a lot.

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Anime Cosplay Patterns

Anime Cosplay Patterns
Inuyasha cosplay costumes

Cosplay Dresses Add Fashion Elements to the Virtual Anime World

Every coin has two sides. This definitely makes sense on cosplay. People who are fond of impersonating their favorite anime or movie characters with particularly made costumes usually consider costume plays as funny or meaningful activities where participants express their personalities and lifestyles. Nevertheless, people who dislike anime reality shows often hold an opinion like this: those fantastic events offer people places to escape from reality. Then, what do you think?

Honestly speaking, costume plays do bring people special pleasure. Different with high-end banquets, you do not have to feel terribly defeated about seeking for a pretty prom gown which may require you to break the wallet. Nor do you need to carry a classy necklace or a luxurious clutch for an anime show. Your consciousness about the frequently varying fashion trends on LV clothing and Gucci shoes can be put aside for a moment. There are lots of costumes that are specially crafted for this kind of leisure activities which are usually generated on a weekend, short holiday and of course Halloween. They are available on affordable prices without well-known logos in many cases. Or, most anime lovers tend to make their costumes in a tailor shop to save a lot. Anyway, it' s not difficult to find or make an amazingly similar suit for your favorite cartoon, movie or video game character on today' s market.

Of course, there are some basic rules embraced by lovers for anime and manufacturers for anime outfits. All the while, costumes for anime shows are strictly made on the basis of styles shown in movies or described by story writers. Imitators do expect to look the same with the personated roles. Besides, fashion or trend can be also applied on anime suits. Most of time, a high search volume always rests on ensembles for Final Fantasy, Bleach, Alice in Wonderland, Pirates of the Caribbean and Micheal Jackson. Along with the drastic transformations on people' s concepts, more and more fresh styles are put into the sought-after collection. Some pretty dresses exactly begin to appear on current anime shows.

The arrival of cosplay dresses really brings a new lease of life to the fantastic anime show world and these suits quickly become a hot force on the market. Females who do not want to wear fantastic costumes or have no ideas on which character to act get important inspirations on how to complete their appearances with them. Breaking away from traditional laws on spicing up the look, people get more options undoubtedly. Comparing with usual fashion clothing, themes on dresses for anime shows are usually different or even weird. Extravagant and bold accessories or design patterns are used, creating unique feminine sense or sex appeal. To awaken nice memories in earlier time, some females also tend to put on school uniforms or Lolita dresses. Actually speaking, anime shows really bring people opportunities to experience the past time again and get back some precious memories. Believe it or not, lots of people evoke the forgotten passion on these fantastic activities.

There will be more and more beautiful styles added into the cosplay dress collection. Probably, some new fads will replace the innocent sense of prettiness on school uniforms and princess-like Lolita dresses. Anyway, the release of this new force did bring some fashion elements to the fantastic anime world. Then, if you look forward to seeming stylish, sexy or gorgeous, try a dress style please.

Cosplay dresses make the fantastic anime world more interesting and beautiful. If you are looking for a classy, yet inexpensive cosplay dress up for the coming anime show, don' t forget to pay a visit to this author' s site.

Anime Cosplay Review

Anime Cosplay Review :How To Choose Costumes?

When there is a party, a public gathering or just a small activity, there may have some people who wear their favorite costumes. You know that for certain kinds of occasions, people just need to decorate themselves with different costumes and accessories. There are different kinds of costumes available for both children and adults, so you need to know how to choose the suitable costume for yourself.

Well, among all kinds of costumes, cosplay costumes are much more popular than other kinds. You may have noticed that there are more and more people who are fond of cosplay, they are absorbed in cosplay world. To be frank, cosplay is almost the result of anime as most cosplay characters are from anime movies and anime episodes, such as Batman, Spiderman, Naruto and so on. If you are an anime fan, then maybe you will find yourself also a cosplay fan.

Anime Cosplay Review
Naruto cosplay team

No matter you are a child or an adult, you may want to play as a hero and at this time, you need to wear cosplay costumes. Then how to choose the best costume for yourself? Well, you need to make a decision on the character you are going to play. As long as you know what kind of character you are going to play, you can start to choose the costume. The character you choose should be suitable for you, you need to take your appearance, age and height into consideration while making your decision. The body type is also very important. Only the character that has similarities with you is the best. The final step is to choose the costume the original character wears in the anime.

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Naruto Child Costume

Naruto Child Costume
Naruto Child Costume

Naruto is an ongoing Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. The plot tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who constantly searches for recognition and aspires to become a Hokage, the ninja in his village who is acknowledged as the leader and the strongest of all. Naruto Uzumaki is the primary protagonist of the Naruto series. Because he is the host of the nine-tailed demon fox, a malevolent creature that attacked Konoha, he is ostracized by the other villagers. He compensates for this with his cheerful and boisterous personality, and over the course of the series, manages to befriend many foreign and Konoha ninja. Make you the same as Naruto Uzumaki in this Naruto cospaly costume for cosplay show. It comes with a jacket,trousers.

Naruto Cosplay Costume
Naruto Anime Cosplay Costume

Anime Cosplay Characters Costumes Review

Anime Cosplay Characters Costumes Review
Anime Cosplay Review: Naruto

Naruto is an ongoing Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. The plot tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who constantly searches for recognition and aspires to become a Hokage, the ninja in his village who is acknowledged as the leader and the strongest of all. Naruto Uzumaki is the primary protagonist of the Naruto series. Because he is the host of the nine-tailed demon fox, a malevolent creature that attacked Konoha, he is ostracized by the other villagers. He compensates for this with his cheerful and boisterous personality, and over the course of the series, manages to befriend many foreign and Konoha ninja. Make you the same as Shippuden Uzumaki Hokage in this Naruto cospaly costume for cosplay show.It comes with a jacket,trousers.
  • Product Details: Made from high elasticity cotton -Zipper in the front -Custom alterations are offered on this product for an additional charge.
  • Cos Component: Jacket Trousers men's suit
  • Cos Texture: High Elasticity Cotton
  • Cos Properties: Anime
  • Suitable Consumer Group: men boys kids student

Naruto Cosplay Costumes

Naruto Cosplay Costumes
Naruto Corplay Costumes

Cosplay festival in Japan. Uchiha Sasuke cosplay costume, Uzumaki Naruto cosplay costume, Tenten cosplay costume and friends.

Sasuke Cosplay Hair

Sasuke Cosplay Hair
Authentic Sasuke Cosplay Hair

Sasuke Cosplay Hair
Sasuke Cosplay Hair Wig

Sasuke Cosplay Hair: Dye your hair black or get a medium length wig.

If you're not using a wig, grow your hair until it almost reaches your chin, or longer if you prefer. Use wax or hair gel to spike the back of your hair. make sure you have hair framing your face. Use mousse for the front parts if you really want to replicate his look. This takes practice, if you're not used to it. If the wig is too long, you can always trim it.

Bleach Cosplay Costume

Team Bleach fans will automatically recognize this costume as that of the brave Captain Toushiro. Made from a sturdy uniform material, this costume really holds its shape and resists wrinkling when worn. Although it is a highly detailed and authentic anime item, it only consists of four components – a Japanese kimono-inspired jacket with wrap around sash, trousers and cape/vest. The contrasting black and white theme in the kimono jacket is carried through onto the vest, creating a polished look. A great outfit for any Team Bleach enthusiast.

Sasuke Shippuden Cosplay Costumes

Sasuke Shippuden Cosplay Costumes
Sasuke Shippuden Cosplay Costumes
Sasuke at Orochimaru base camp

Naruto is an ongoing Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. The plot tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who constantly searches for recognition and aspires to become a Hokage, the ninja in his village who is acknowledged as the leader and the strongest of all. Sasuke Uchiha a member of the Uchiha clan, a highly skilled clan of ninjas allied to the village of Konohagakure in Naruto. Make you the same as Sasuke Uchiha in this Naruto cosplay costume for cosplay show.

Sasuke's Arm Cover

If you're still looking for the finishing touch on your Naruto costume, these arm bands might be just the thing. They are made to fit from the elbow to the wrist and would look great with just about any character costume that called for arm bands. Alternately, you could pair them with your every day wardrobe to create a cool new look all your own.

Sasuke Shippuden Shoes Sandals

Naruto ninja costumes are pretty easy to find, but you might have some trouble when it comes to the shoes. Now, your troubles are over – thanks to this super pair of Cosplay shoes! They are made in a traditional ninja style – just like the characters in the series wear – and feature a faux leather upper and rubber sole. The bottom of the shoe is made in an open toe sandal style. These can be worn with or without sock. A versatile pair of shoes that could be mixed and matched with a variety of different costumes.

Full Metal Alchemist Edward Cosplay Costume

Full Metal Alchemist Edward Cosplay CostumeFull Metal Alchemist Cosplay Costume
Full Metal Alchemist Edward Cosplay Costume

Full Metal Alchemist is one of the most favorite anime or manga in Asia. Make you the same as Edward in this Full Metal Alchemist cosplay costume for cosplay show.

Bad Sasuke Cosplay

Bad Sasuke Cosplay
Worst Sasuke Cosplay

Bad Sasuke Cosplay
Bad Sasuke Cosplay

How “worst” is really “worst” ? Must be to the extend to get arrested and got into jail ,right?

Absolutely yes! Check the two photos below, you will finally to clear what’s the meaning of worst sasuke cosplay or fail sasuke cosplay or bad sasuke cosplay.

i hope Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno will go to jail to save their best friend. lol..

Sasuke Cosplay Outfits

Sasuke Cosplay Outfits
Sasuke Cosplay Costume

Naruto Headband Cosplay Outfits
Sasuke Headband

his anime accessory is a wonderful addition to every cosplay fans and people who love the anime Naruto. This Ninja headband with studs decoration makes it special and cool. Its material makes it is made of gabardine that is waterproof, absorbent and comfortable. It will make you the same as him for cosplay show. Believe me, you will become the spotlight when you wear it.

Sasuke Shoes Cosplay Outfits
Naruto shoes

Naruto ninja costumes are pretty easy to find, but you might have some trouble when it comes to the shoes. Now, your troubles are over – thanks to this super pair of Cosplay shoes! They are made in a traditional ninja style – just like the characters in the series wear – and feature a faux leather upper and rubber sole. The bottom of the shoe is made in an open toe sandal style. These can be worn with or without sock. A versatile pair of shoes that could be mixed and matched with a variety of different costumes.

Slave Leia Cosplay Tutorial

Slave Leia is one of my most popular costumes and I have received numerous emails requesting that I provide a tutorial on how I transform into the enslaved Princess. Although Entertainment Weekly chronicled my transformation from preschool teacher to royalty, here I will provide detailed step by step instructions on how you can become Darth Vader's estranged daughter.


 Step 1: The Metal Bikini

I own an authentic metal bikini that was made by Leia's Metal Bikini and you can purchase the costume through the website. Three Muses Clothing also has a high quality Slave Leia costume listed here. I highly recommend doing business with either site.


 Step 2: Footwear

All too often, cosplay requires ridiculous heels or painful boots but not to worry! Princess Leia is sporting a comfy pair of Uggs! You can purchase grey ones for this cosplay. I've also put my own twist on this and have worn sandals but the boots are more accurate.


 Step 3: Makeup
I will begin with a list of the things you will need:
1. Foundation
2. Gold eye shadow
3. White eye shadow
4. Black liquid eyeliner
5. Dark brown liquid eyeliner
6. Eyelash curler
7. Mascara
8. Bronzer
9. Brown lipstick
10. Black eyeliner (pencil) 
11. Concealer
*Important note*  Although I referenced Carrie Fisher's makeup in 'Return of the Jedi', I have created a face that is best suited and compliments my skin tone. It may not be suited for all skin types. 

Makeup part #1
Apply foundation all over face. I also use dark brown liquid eyeliner to fill in my brows.

Makeup part #2
Line the top of your lids with the black liquid eyeliner.

Makeup part #3
Put gold eye shadow on your lids and spread it up to your crease. Apply white eye shadow beneath the eyebrow. Curl eyelashes and apply mascara.

Makeup part #4
Apply concealer to those pesky shadows under your eyes. 

Makeup part #5
With the black eye pencil, line the lower lids of your eyes.

Makeup part #6
Apply bronzer to the apples of your cheeks and cheek bones. 

 Makeup part #7
Put on the brown lipstick and viola! Your face is complete!


Step #4: Hair

Unless you have superlong hair, you're probably going to need a hair extension. You can purchase one like this Sassy Synthetic Braid at places like Sally's Beauty Supply or a wig shop. Braid the two pony tails. Brush your natural hair into a pony tail then put it in a bun. Then tie the braid onto the bun.

Once the braid is tied onto your bun, you're going to swing one braid behind your head and the other in front of your head. Wrap the braid that is in front of you around the top of your head. Use bobby pins to keep it in place.


Step #5: Metal Bikini
Now that you're hair and makeup are complete it's time to slip on that infamous metal bikini! Also be sure to wear a pair of gold hoop earrings. Congratulations! You are now the most famous princess in the galaxy! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it helped you fulfill your dreams! 

Cosplay Survey

Recently a Cosplay Survey has been circling around on Facebook. The questions seemed interesting and rather than fill it out and tag people on my personal account, I decided to instead share it on my Blog.

1 . Your first cosplay?
Aerith Gainsborough from the video game Final Fantasy VII.

 2. How many costumes have you done?

3. Your most recent cosplay?
Japanese Vocaloid Hatsune Miku.

 4. Your favorite cosplay?
It's always hard to choose just one but I would have to say Catwoman. I've loved her all my life and have been with her throughout her many incarnations. The costume is comfortable and sexy. My Catwoman cosplay is featured in a cosplay calendar with proceeds going to the American Red Cross:  I also love Selina's heated affair with The Batman and her dangerous lifestyle.

 5. The character you have cosplayed that is most similar to you (if none that you have cosplayed, then one that you will cosplay)?
Oh geeze, I don't know! Obviously I'm not from Krypton and I'm not an enslaved princess on Tatooine! All of the characters I've cosplayed are strong characters and a little fun so I'd like to think I'm a little like all of them.

6. Your cosplay plans for the rest of the year (if you have no more for this year, then do next year!)
I'm doing something a bit different and am cosplaying non super powered characters such as Lois Lane and Pepper Potts. I'll be doing joint shoots with a Superman and Tony Stark cosplayer. I'll be debuting Monster High character Cleo. I would love to squeeze in Slave Princess Jasmine but we will see if I have the time.

 7. The dream cosplay that might just happen?

 8. The dream cosplay that will never happen?
Never say never! Anything is possible. I don't limit myself.

 9. Something cosplay-related that you will never do (eg. crossplay, cosplay from a certain series).
I'm personally not into crossplay but am not against it. However you won't see me doing it.

 10. Your cosplay idol?
"Idol" is a bit of an odd term. I can tell you who I love, respect and admire; Iggy Cosplay, Han Pan, Lucid Cosplay, Danny Kelley, Jonathan Carroll and Margie Cox.

 11. Your cosplay specialty (ie. something that seems to apply to a large amount of your cosplays, it could be a specific series, or a common feature in their appearance, such as glasses).
DC Comics characters. It's pretty obvious I'm a big fan of the DCU.

12. Your cosplay-making habits (eg. singing while working on cosplay):
I need peace and quite when I'm working on something.

 13. Your least favourite thing about cosplay?
The phonies who don't know anything about the character their dressed as and only do this for attention. Stalkers are annoying too.

 14. Do you belong to any cosplay groups?
My girlfriends and I made a splash at the 2010 Philadelphia Comic Con aka Wizard World Philly as the Gotham City Sirens. I was also asked to be Catwoman for another Gotham City Sirens group for an upcoming show.

 15. What events have you cosplayed to? Future event plans?
I've been to the San Diego Comic Con, New York Comic Con,
Wizard World Philly, Baltimore Comic Con, Zenkaikon and Monster Mania. As for future shows...wait and see!

16. What is your best cosplay memory?
Being offered a job as an official Slave Leia model.

 17. What is your worst cosplay memory?
Some guy kept calling me "Supergirl" when I was dressed as Wonder Woman. I felt embarassed  not for me, but for HIM and had to correct him! Also I had to tell a very rude individual off when he got angry I wouldn't grant his photo request (because I was on the phone).

 18. Have you won any cosplay awards?
I've received titles. The Modern Tokyo Times and Axiom Magazine named me the "Queen of Cosplay". 

19. Your best cosplay derp photo?
When I was Black Canary my choker fell off.

20. Have you worn cosplay in a regular situation?
I sometimes take certain items and wear them out like my Black Canary or Zatanna jacket. I've also worn my Wonder Woman and Belle wig out.

 21. Your most expensive cosplay?
Slave Leia and Wonder Woman. Each costume is worth over $300!

 22. Your most comfortable cosplay and most uncomfortable cosplay?
My most comfortable would be Catwoman. Most uncomfortable is Hatsume Miku. The wig and boots are heavy.

23. The cosplay you put the most effort into?
Hatsune Miku. Between the wig, makeup and costume it takes me over an hour to get everything on!

24. Any unfinished costumes? Will you ever finish them?
I currently have an Alice: Madness Returns cosplaying lying around. I really need to get the ball rolling and do a pro shoot with it!

25. How many wigs do you own? Which is your favorite?
Eight wigs and one ponytail extension.I love them all! I can change my hair color whenever I want!

26. Where do you work on your cosplays and where do you store them when they’re done?
I work on them in the bedroom. The wigs are all on mannequin heads. Costumes and accressories are in a giant bin in my closet. Footwear is with my normal shoes.

 27. What is your favorite cosplay item?
My Wonder Woman bracelets.

 28. Cosplay peeves/things you are particular about?
Half assed cosplays.

 29. Something you want to improve on for future cosplays?
I would love to get over my fear of sewing machines and start making my own costumes!

30. Cosplay-related work you are most naturally talented at (ie: sewing, prop-making, wigstyling, etc)?
 I'm good with getting the hairstyles right weither it be purchasing and styling a wig, using my natural hair or adding hair extensions. I've also become pretty good with makeup.

Cool and Sexy Final Fantasy X-2 Paine Cosplay

This is the final fantasy x-2 Paine cosplay, which is really cool and sexy, both the body shape and the cosplay costume look the same as the one from FF x-2. This cosplay girl shows us a vivid Paine by her perfect job. So, it is necessary for me to add it to this final fantasy cosplay blog of mine to share it with you.

Although I haven’t got her name or any other information, her faces and this Paine cosplay would stay in my mind forever. The wig and the sword are also fantastic plus suitable makeup, no shortcomings in my eyes. Without doubt, she is could be one of the top cosplayer among the other excellent impersonators.
At the same time, cosplay final fantasy x-2 Paine is one of the hot choices in the eyes of the cosplay girls. It is because of this fact that this final fantasy character possesses something different and attractive comparing with other roles in the aspect of personality and accoutrement. If you are a cosplay fan and want to try characteristic and sexy cosplay, this would be a good choice.

Sexy Final Fantasy XII Fran Cosplay Girl

This is one of the sexy and striking final fantasy xii Fran cosplay by the sexy girl. We could easily find that there are a good many cosplayers are interested in this final fantasy character. And it is a safe bet that the sexy accoutrement of Fran contributes a lot to it. Right, we cannot deny that most of us could not resist the sexy cosplay including boys and girls.

In this way, cosplay final fantasy Fran naturally hold the interest of the cosplay girls.  In the matter of Fran, she is a Viera warrior and the oldest character of this game but still possesses young appearance. In addition, Fran is skilled, sexy and intelligent. She is indeed a great cosplay choice.
The impersonator in the picture shows us a sexy and similar Fran. She does a cool job. The cosplay costume and the other accessories along with movement are perfect. So I won’t miss the good chance to put it on my blog and share it with you final fantasy cosplay fans.

Cosplay should be encouraged not discouraged among peers

 I'm often asked why I decided to dive into the wonderful world of cosplay and my answer is always the same: "Because it looked like fun". And it is! The imaginative world of costuming allows us to literally become our favorite characters. It is a creative process, a form of self expression and we have the freedom to decide which character to choose, what variant and add in any personal touches. The more, the merrier right? So why are some people getting their spandex in a bunch? Apparently some individuals get offended when they see a fellow costumer dressed as the same character as they are. Their reasons are everything from admitting low self esteem to feeling that there should be only one character per convention or event. I was even told of an incident where someone asked a fellow cosplayer not to dress up as a certain character because it was something she wanted to do. Since when was it okay to behave like this among peers? Why are some people discouraging others instead of encouraging them? Unity has seemed to have gone out of the window and an attempt at dictatorship has taken it's place.

This isn't taking place everywhere in the world of cosplay but among a small circle. Among some of the best cosplayers in the United States (also known as "Elite Cosplayers"), it is encouraged to cosplay any character you choose and some of them even act as mentors for aspiring cosplayers. The Superman portrait (seen above) taken at the 2011 DragonCon is a perfect example of unity among cosplayers who share the love of the same character. Each respective cosplayer is portraying a different version of the Man of Steel and the result is nothing short of stunning. Recently I was at a charity event and was one of two Wonder Woman cosplayers in attendance. We were two different variants; I was the traditional version and the other was the New 52 pants version. I learned a few months later (indirectly) that this was apparently a problem although I was told I could wear whatever I wanted. Now if four grown men can cosplay Earth's Greatest Hero in glory, why can't the same be done between two grown women? I certainly didn't have a problem with it. I actually make it a point to approach a cosplayer who is dressed as the same character as I am because clearly we have something in common. I love taking pictures with these women and marveling at their version of the character, asking questions and telling them they did a great job. Some people however have become competitive about it. True, there are some cosplayers whom I feel are the best version of Supergirl or Wonder Woman that I have ever seen but I don't compare myself to them. I am satisfied with my version of those characters. I don't sit there thinking how can I "beat" someone like Margie Cox. It's not about beating someone, it's about being the best Wonder Woman I can be.

Friend and cosplayer Jonathan Carroll is one of the best in the country and acts as a mentor to people wanting to cosplay Superman, one of his signature characters. Says Jonathan:

"I think it's very important to encourage any cosplayer, whether or not they're portraying the same character. We can all learn something from one another. You go to a con, and see things on other costumes that you may not have thought about, like "oh! i like his boots, that guy's cape is great! or i really like the way his symbol looks", and from that you grow, change, and evolve. We're all there to represent our favorite character, in our own way, the best way we can. And it's up to the veteran costumers, who've been on the scene for a while, to help those that are just beginning. Be it in the actual costume, the work out and diet, or the product we use on our hair to give it the perfect quaff, I believe, we should help one another, so that this culture survives and grows into something even greater than it is today."

Jonathan's brother and fellow cosplayer Danny Kelley (who is also a good friend and is highly respected) concurs with Jonathan's views and digs deeper on why we cosplay in the first place and all the hard work that goes into practicing our craft.

"I am very honored that people come to me with questions about fitness and costumes. It makes me feel like I am doing justice to this craft that I love. I think everyone no matter what size or shape, color or origin should be able to for a few times in their life, become those characters that they love. Most grownups have forgotten what it was like to be a kid and dream. We in the cosplay world never have and never will."  

Another good friend of mine, Iggy Cosplay (the Joker pictured on the left) is best known for his portrayal as the Clown Prince of Crime. I asked Iggy if he felt competitive towards other Joker cosplayers and he had this to say:

"I am far from competitive about it and I certainly encourage it. The only reason why I'm still doing this is because another Joker cosplayer encouraged me to keep going. I've become good friends with other Jokers through cons as well. You can't have one definitive version. It's fun to see where each cosplayer takes the character in their own imaginative way."  

I often read articles and say to myself  "Well, that was pointless!" I want to avoid that with this article and make my point clear. Cosplayers should be encouraging each other not discouraging one another. I am by no means saying that someone does not have the right to express their opinion if they are feeling hurt or insecure about their cosplay. However when you start making unrealistic demands and are becoming competitive amongst your friends, clearly you have crossed a line. You are not cosplaying for the right reasons. You are cosplaying for the wrong reasons. Cosplay is suppose to be fun. Personally I feel it boils down to a certain level of maturity and of course, insecurity. If you have issues with your image whither it be the quality of your costumes or your body, you need to address and take care of those issues but please don't rain on everyone elses parade. Learn to accept yourself, be proud of your accomplishments and count your blessings. There are times you will be the only Harley Quinn at an event, at others you may run into a dozen. There's nothing wrong with that. It's a positive thing. It's love. A dark attitude will leave you trapped in a hobby you no longer enjoy and the possibility of loosing your friends in the process.

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