Koni Lui & Tracy Ip as CosPlay

Koni Lui (呂慧儀) and Tracy Ip (葉翠翠) were guests at a promotional event for Xbox 360 game Ninja Gaiden II on Friday, 30 May 2008 in Hong Kong. The ladies were dressed in cosplay outfits of characters from the game and they drew quite a crowd with their sexy outfits.

Koni Lui & Tracy Ip as CosPlayerKoni has been earning quite a reputation recently after appearing in a number of promotional events as a seductress.

She smiled modestly that Tracy's outfit was more revealing than hers and when asked if she would consider a nude shoot, she replied that she has never thought about it, but if a sexy image is required in her line of work, then she will do her best to comply.

Talking of her gaming experiences, Koni said that she likes to play computer games with her brother because it helps them both to de-stress.

Asked if she plays against her boyfriend, she refused to answer and explained that the man in pictures published earlier in magazines was not her boyfriend.

Tracy said that Koni is quite a showstopper and complimented her for her great body. Tracy seemed a little spotty and tired at the event and she explained that she has been busy filming for two series recently and this has led to an outbreak.

Fanime 2008: Manga Cosplay Convention

Gin Tama CosplayFanimeCon 2008 promised (and delivered) a weekend chock-full of anime, Asian films, manga and video game fun for Bay Area and Silicon Valley otaku. I wasn't able to catch all the events that was planned for this weekend, but I did manage to get a bunch of shots of some of the cool cosplay and generally orderly vibe of this fan-run event.

Anime fans from throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley and beyond came out to check out the cosplay, the special guests and all-day / all-night showings of anime and Asian films at FanimeCon 2008. There are cool cosplay, artists alley, publishers' panel discussions, exhibitors and special guest appearances, including manga artist Maika Netsu, Dark Horse Manga editor Carl Horn and a huge group from fan-favorite anime studio, GAINAX.

Fanime 2008

CosPlay Wig Tutorial

Short tutorial on wig for cosplayer, taken from http://nightmare-injection.net/tutorial.html

So you want to try styling your own wig? Good for you! I don't consider myself an expert, but love helping and have written the following to share what I know. This is not a complex tutorial, but it shares the basics about styling wigs and provides some helpful information that I haven't seen elsewhere.

Purchasing a Wig
This is one of the trickiest parts, in my opinion. I purchase off of Cosworx, Amphigory, and when I'm feeling risky, eBay. Look for wigs that are made with Japanese synthetics, or Kanekalon for the highest quality wig. Quality pays off, trust me!

Wig care
Have a wig but don't need to do much to it? There are some easy things you can do that won't change the shape, but will make it look better!
  1. Layer-cut: By using a razor(the kind you shave with) and "brushing" it against the bottom fibers of your wig, you can thin out the edges and give them that anime/video game look.
  2. Motion's sheen oil spray: This stuff is the best. It's the final coating to a wig. Oil spray keeps your wig from tangling and gives it a nice sheen. And, it smells like bananas! Oil spray is not a detangler. To use, spray from a 1-foot distance on your finished/brushed wig. Don't spray too much that the liquid forms beads on the fiber. The important part is to let your wig dry for 6-8 hours. Once it's dry, it will be silky soft!
If your wig is curly or the part is not in the right place, I can help you! First, place pins at the top of your wig to a styrofoam head. Brush the wig fiber to how you would like it to stay naturally - I recommend using a chopstick or other straight round instrument for moving a part. Use a stabbing motion at the base of the wig where you want the part, and bring the fiber to the other side. If you are making big fluffy bangs, make a horizontal part (a couple inches) at the top of the head and bring the fiber towards the front. When you're done, place it in your bathtub or somewhere where water can drain. Get the biggest pot you have, and heat water until it's nearly boiling. Remember to use gloves if the handles are hot! When it's ready, slowly pour the hot water over the top of your wig, making sure that all the fiber gets wet. Next, you allow the wig to drip-dry. You can press the fiber against a towel in a few hours if you get anxious, or put it on a towel in front of a dehumidifier (only if you have one). When your wig is dry or nearly dry, brush it out. If it's still wavy, repeat the process several times until it straightens.

Wig Styling
That impossibly-spiky-haired character giving you trouble? I can help!
Here's what I recommend:
  • Wig with lots of fiber (or extensions added)
  • Wig Head and pins
  • Reference pictures
  • Aqua Net Hairspray
  • Got2B Glued Styling Spiking Gel (4:Screaming Hold)
  • Hair Dryer (low setting used)
  • Good scissors for cutting
  • (Elmer's Glue? This does work, but I don't recommend it because it is damaging to a wig and cannot be washed out)
  • (Tile Caulk? This will reinforce tips at the tops so that they never come apart, but you won't be able to wash out your wig.)
I can't stress enough that you will need multiple references as you're working; they help you get the spikes right where you need them.

Natural Fluffy Spikes:
The key to styling spikes is to work lightly, and do one spike at a time. This means that you cut each spike individually, hold it into position, apply a little bit of spiking gel along the length of the spike (or none at all for a totally natural, fluffy spike), and use a hair dryer on LOW setting for each spike. Every few spikes, use a little hair spray from a distance and try to spray them only. Try not to let the spray bead up; it means you're spraying too close or too much. If you want more product in it, let it dry before you put more in.

Flat Spikes:
These must be styled one at a time as well. I do recommend cutting them individually, but you don't have to. They do need to be styled individually, though. These spikes require a lot of spiking glue and a hair dryer on LOW setting, with hair spray at the very end. When using hair spray, spray from 9-12 inches away from the wig, and lightly so that the spray does not bead up on the wig.

Recommended tutorials:
Wigs Tutorials:

Props and Accessories Tutorials:
Wonderflex: http://forums.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=60768
Vinyl over foam: http://forums.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=83378
Swords: http://forums.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=44967

CosPlayWiki, Wikipedia for CosPlayer!

CosPlay Wiki
If you are here there is a good chance you are interested in learning about cosplay or already a member of the cosplaying community. If you are new to cosplaying you might want to check out the Beginner's guide.

CosplayWiki is someplace where you can share your knowledge, be an expert in the field. But why a wiki when there are so many other resources dedicated to cosplaying out there? The answer to that is simple: With the vast amounts of information that is associated with cosplaying a wiki is a great way to organize that information. Want to find out how to make armor for your costume? We have information on that! But as you are building your project you might decide you need more information on the materials you need or the various different tools to work with those materials. Information is all webbed together with common associations.

You can find and CREATE that information here. You can be the editor, you can be the expert. We do ask that you register before editing, but you can browse and use the information as much as you want if you dont. You only have to register if you want to edit and contribute to the community. A wiki is a community driven project - it doesn’t belong to a single person, it is owned by everyone who wants to contribute and help. As you are reading through CosplayWiki and come to a page where you have something to share, or even come to a page that doesn’t exist, please edit, make chances and have fun. Do you have a tutorial you have put together? Do you want to share it? Head over to the tutorial's page

If you are new to wikis I suggest that you take a look at the help page to learn about the basic editing techniques. It is amazingly simple to do. If you want to practice your editing skills, head over to the sandbox and make some simple edits and practice your coding skills.

Share the link to CosPlayWiki. Share your knowledge with others. CosplayWiki is just starting out, so your help is appreciated.

Kawaii!!!! Cosplayer Arisa Mizuhara!

Arisa Mizuhara is a professional cosplayer. For her, it is both work and hobby.
As professional cosplayer, Arisa Mizuhara model in costume for photoshoot and cdrom, make special appearance and performance in roadshow and cosplay event as showgirl. All the costume are made by herself!
Her Services
Visiting Japan, or living in Japan and interested in anime/cosplay cultures? she can offer you some fun. d(-_^) she has met with several foreign friend who like anime and cosplay girls and all of them enjoy the time with her.

Here is what she offer:
  1. Showgirl for event, party, stage performance. she can sing, dance and host 3(-_^) in costume!
  2. Media. for tv, advertisement, print job
  3. Design, costume making. Arisa Mizuhara make all my costume herself. she can make for you too!

Browse Arisa Mizuhara's complete picture and bio at http://arisahp.fc2web.com/
FS Fan Profile (with 150+ pics): http://profiles.friendster.com/45624473

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