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If you are here there is a good chance you are interested in learning about cosplay or already a member of the cosplaying community. If you are new to cosplaying you might want to check out the Beginner's guide.

CosplayWiki is someplace where you can share your knowledge, be an expert in the field. But why a wiki when there are so many other resources dedicated to cosplaying out there? The answer to that is simple: With the vast amounts of information that is associated with cosplaying a wiki is a great way to organize that information. Want to find out how to make armor for your costume? We have information on that! But as you are building your project you might decide you need more information on the materials you need or the various different tools to work with those materials. Information is all webbed together with common associations.

You can find and CREATE that information here. You can be the editor, you can be the expert. We do ask that you register before editing, but you can browse and use the information as much as you want if you dont. You only have to register if you want to edit and contribute to the community. A wiki is a community driven project - it doesn’t belong to a single person, it is owned by everyone who wants to contribute and help. As you are reading through CosplayWiki and come to a page where you have something to share, or even come to a page that doesn’t exist, please edit, make chances and have fun. Do you have a tutorial you have put together? Do you want to share it? Head over to the tutorial's page

If you are new to wikis I suggest that you take a look at the help page to learn about the basic editing techniques. It is amazingly simple to do. If you want to practice your editing skills, head over to the sandbox and make some simple edits and practice your coding skills.

Share the link to CosPlayWiki. Share your knowledge with others. CosplayWiki is just starting out, so your help is appreciated.