Cosplay Spotlight: Danny Kelley

For those within the cosplay community, the name Danny Kelley is a familiar one. Known as the ultimate Superman cosplayer, Danny's portrayal of The Man of Steel has not only impressed fans and cosplayers alike but the folks over at DC Comics. With a physique worthy of Earth Greatest Hero,  a personal Superman collection featuring 3,000 items and appearances in everything from fan films to local parades,  it's clear to see why Danny is an inspiration to others and regarded as the best of the best. Danny took time out for an interview for the Confessions of a Cosplay Girl Blog to chat about his body building days, cosplay and his reasons for dressing up as the Daily Planet reporter.

Victoria: You're known as THE Superman cosplayer. How long have you been portraying the Man of Steel and what made you decide to cosplay him?

Danny: I have been a Superman fan for as long as I can remember. Growing up I read the comics and loved the way Superman looked strong and big. So once I got to the age to workout I did. I wanted to look like that. What got me into putting on the suit was one Halloween I thought it would be cool to make a Superman costume so I found a site online that told you how to do it. So I made my first suit. Then I read about a real place called Metropolis in Illinois. I just had to go there. They had a 3 day celebration for the Man of Steel. So that's the  first time I wore the suit at a convention and I haven't looked back since.

Victoria: You have many different variants of Superman. Which version is your personal favorite?

Danny: I have 14 different Superman costumes. Every one he has worn I have tried to get. My favorite is a cross between Chris Reeves and Dean Cains suit. I kinda mixed them up some to give it my on flare.

Victoria: What other characters have you brought to life through cosplay?

Danny: I have done only a couple other costumes besides Superman. One was Atom Smasher and the other Wonder Man.

Victoria: You  have starred in a few Avengers Fan Films as Wonder Man. Do you enjoy being an actor and being in front of the camera?

Danny: I love acting. I was a little nervous at first but am getting better at it and feeling more comfortable.

Victoria: You've caught the attention of DC Comics and have visited the DC Headquarters on numerous occasions. What's it like having a personal relationship with the company?

Danny: I have met so many great people in the DC Comics world from artist to some of the head people at DC. They are all great and think what I do is wonderful.

Victoria: What are your thoughts about the DC reboot and Superman's new costume?

Danny: You know when Superman Returns came out I didn't think I would like that costume but it grew on me. This one will also I believe. Things change, sometimes it good sometimes its bad, but most the time it's a little of both.

Victoria: A picture was recently released of Henry Cavill in the upcoming Zack Snyder Superman film. What do you think of the new movie costume and would you consider cosplaying it?

Danny: Defiantly. I have to have that costume also. I am already looking into having it made. I love it.

Victoria: How do you feel about Zack Snyder taking over the Superman franchise?

Danny: I think he will do great. This one will have alot more of what we want from Superman; more action!!

Victoria: You were a professional body builder and was crowned Mr. Georgia not once but twice. Based on your physique, you look as though you should be residing on Mt. Olympus. How do you stay in such incredible shape?

Danny: I was a competitive Body Builder for 9 years. Now I do the same workouts and diet year round to give the fans the very best I can give them as Superman and try and bring him to life for them. I workout everyday and stay on a very clean diet.


Victoria: I can tell you right now, you would be an enormous hit at the San Diego Comic Con. Any plans on ever attending that show?

Danny: Yes, I hope to get there one year.  I have so many other conventions I do that it's hard to find the time. But I will make it out there.

Victoria: Who is your favorite actor to protray the Last Son of Krypton?

Danny: That would be Chris Reeve. He was and always will be Superman for me.

Victoria: Do you eat?

Danny: Why yes Ms. Lane, when I'm hungry

                                           Victoria: Couldn't resist a reference to the first Superman film!

Sexy Final Fantasy XII Fran Cosplay

 When speaking of the sexy final fantsy cospaly characters, Fran of course cannot be ignored; she is a viera warrior and the oldest character of this game but still displays young apperance. In addition, Fran is skilled, sexy and intelligent. It is really a sexy final fantasy xii cosplay and a challenge to the cosplay girls.

Final Fantasy XII Fran Cosplay
Fran is featured by white hair and the odd accoutrement, which is one of the main reasons that so many cosplayers are obsessed with this final fantasy cosplay. It is because the fact that Fran is a viera warrior, and she wears different clothing from the other characters of FF XII, the revealing cosplay costume is her distinctive feature.
Cosplay final fantasy Fran could meet the needs of being sexy and outstanding amongest the other cosplayers in the show and convention. The imitator in the picture does a great job and shows us a sexy and charming Fran. Her cosplay outfit looks perfect and suits her very well.

Slave Revolt

What started out as a joke with the Slave Leia Public Service Announcement (starring Kaley Cuoco) has turned into a massive online bashing targeting Slave Leia cosplayers everywhere.

For those of you visiting my Blog for the first time, my name is Victoria Centeno. I work as a full time preschool teacher and part time model. I have been cosplaying for five years and am known as the "Cosplay Girl". My website (Cosplay Girl has received over one million hits. I was recently named "The Queen of Cosplay" by Axiom Magazine ( and was the subject of the Entertainment Weekly story "Slave Leia: Some Assembly Required" (,,20399642_20511850_20991188,00.html ). I have also been featured in Latina Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter and Rolling Stone just to name a few. I've been reading comics since I was 9 years old and am partial to DC Comics.

I first tried on the metal bikini (actually it was the rubber version made by Rubies) in 2009 at the request of a local radio station I was doing camera work for. While I had the costume on loan I took advantage of the opportunity and took some photos and posted them online. My pictures caught the attention of the right people and I was offered a job as an official Slave Leia model for the 2010 San Diego Comic Con and Star Wars Celebration (which sadly, I had to decline). Return of the Jedi was the only Star Wars film my family owned growing up and my siblings and I watched the VHS on a daily basis. I never thought I would grow up and literally be Princess Leia.  I was more than thrilled to become an official model for Gentle Giant Studios.

Since the Slave Leia PSA there has been a number of articles and Blogs (written mostly by women) crucifying anyone who has worn the metal bikini, labeling it a "problem" and "concern" at conventions. True there are times where there appears to be crowds of Slave Leia's but it's simply because those women were hired to be there. Things like the Slave Gathering, which takes place every year at the San Diego Comic Con (and have become legendary in addition to being a crowd pleasing event) have lured such celebrities as Olivia Munn and Adrianne Curry. It also receives massive press. One might complain that the metal bikini is too revealing when in fact, it shows as much as a two piece swimsuit at the beach. I've seen women wear far less in cosplay even going as far as applying nothing but pasties over their bare breasts. Where's the public outcry to ban those particular costumes at shows? Some may argue that we're actually promoting slavery or sex slavery and that Leia was a victim who was sexually abused by Jabba the Hut. Unless there's a version of Return of the Jedi with a deleted rape scene that I missed, those theories and assumptions are best described as laughable. Stick with the facts; yes Leia was a prisoner and forced to wear that outfit as she watched her friends and allies suffer but did she sit there and play victim? No.

This princess waited until the time was right and turned the tables on her captor, killed him and won her freedom. It's convenient that critics fail to recognize Leia's accomplishment and bravery because of what she's wearing. It's no different than one women judging another because of the clothes she has on. I'm often told by associates that they are surprised at how "nice" or "intelligent" I am for a model. Once again this is an example of stereotyping. People are accusing Leia cosplayers of not being "real" geeks without knowing that woman's story or reason for putting the metal bikini on. Fingers are being pointed with accusations of us demeaning ourselves when in fact, we chose to wear it. No one forced us. Here's a life lesson for those who say we're offensive; just don't look. To those who say the naysayers deserve to be heard, my response is that I don't deserve to be attacked and judged for the costume I choose to wear. It's just as easy for me to accuse someone of being jealous as it is for someone to accuse me of being an attention whore. We can play the blame game all night people.

How is it that a princess who fought for her friends, beliefs and freedom offends the eye but not the dozens of cosplayers walking around dressed as murderers, thieves and rapists? Are you enraged at the sight of the Green Goblin because he murdered a helpless blonde atop a bridge? Do Joker cosplayers upset you because he's murdered children and paralyzed others? And what about Dr. Light? He raped Enlongated Man's wife on the Watch Tower. With incidents occurring at conventions such as raised ticket prices, the stealing of badges and assaults (such as last year's pen stabbing incident at the San Diego Comic Con), you're biggest concern is a woman dressed as Slave Leia? It's time to get your priorities straight, let go of the hate and work on your self esteem.

Final Fantasy Cloud Cosplay or Zack Cosplay?

It seems that final fantasy Cloud cosplay is always more popular than the Zcak cosplay, we would find more Cloud cosplayers whether on the internet or in the show all the way. And if ask you to make a choice, which one will you choose?

As for Cloud, he is the main male character of the Final Fantasy VII, hence, the whole plot would center on him, that is to say all will go around him and then he becomes the focus in the heart of the game players and the cosplayers. In fact, Cloud is not a perfect boy, and in the beginning, he is not powerful, outgoing or optimistic guy. But he changes a lot after his complex life experience including Zack, such as he is confident, strong and admirable. Plus he is a handsome and cool boy. However, it is the true life that a human being should go through in the process of growing, which makes Cloud a more real figure in front of us. In this way, cosplay Cloud gains a mass of followers throughout the world.
And in regard to Zack, the protagonist of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and one of the characters of FF VII, somewhat differently, Zack is hot-blooded, positive and optimistic and brings everybody sunshine anywhere; he likes a naughty baby sometimes. What is more, he influences Cloud greatly. Anyhow, final fantasy Zack has gained his own zealots. Each of them has respective merits that attract a bunch of cosplayers to do the activity of cosplay.

Featured in Latina Magazine! Win an autographed copy!

Back in May I traveled to the Big Apple to shoot the "Real Women" feature for Latina magazine's September 2011 issue. The issue was recently released and I can be seen on page 66, modeling a skirt appropriate for a petite frame. I am beyond thrilled; this is my first feature in a national fashion magazine and a big step in my modeling career! What's even better is how proud my family is for appearing in a magazine dedicated to our culture. The best response was from my two niece's; they squealed when we picked up the issues and asked me to autograph their copies! That made my heart soar seeing their excitement and knowing that they are proud of their Aunt Vicki.

I love how things in life seem to work out. The universe works in mysterious ways. I was offered to appear in a magazine earlier in the year but you had to PAY for your "space" in the issue and I would have to pay additional prices to take photos for the theme they wanted. I would literally be spending hundreds of dollars to be in a magazine I never heard of. Where's the accomplishment in that (paying your way into a publication)?  I'd be embarassed to tell people I had to buy my way in. I passed and instead worked hard to earn an even better opprotunity. Looks like I made the right descion.

So to celebrate, I'm holding a contest where the winner will receive an autographed copy of the September issue of Latina (with the stunning Zoe Saldana on the cover). All you have to do is show your fan appreciation for the cosplay girl; whether you submit artwork, create a You Tube video slide show, make a cosplay girl Barbie or action figure, create a t-shirt, comic strip, whatever you want! Just keep it clean and be creative! LOL Contest begins Tuesday, August 23rd and ends Friday September 23rd. You can email submissions to:

This is my fun way of saying thank you for your love and support throughout the years. Good luck!

Cosplay Spotlight: Jonathan Carroll

Cosplay is an art form that I greatly respect and truly enjoy. Although I am a cosplayer myself, I get just as excited as every other fan girl when my eyes rests upon a cosplayer who literally look as if they stepped out of the pages of a comic book. One of my personal favorite cosplayers is Jonathan Carroll. Not only does he cosplay two of my favorite characters (Batman and Superman) with striking detail and stunning accuracy but he's also one of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of conversing with online. Jonathan proved to be every bit the southern gentlemen and granted me an interview. Many thanks to him for taking the time to give my readers and I an insight of his craft, his thoughts on the new Superman Suit for the upcoming Zack Synder film, psychical fitness and his bride-to-be (sorry ladies). Also be sure to check out his fan page:

Victoria:  I have to say you were a pleasant discovery online! Your cosplay is most impressive and you're easily one of the best cosplayers I've ever seen. How long have you been cosplaying?

Jonathan: Oh gosh! You’re gonna make me blush! Haha! I’ve been cosplaying/costuming for 11 years now… uh-oh… I just started feeling REALLY old!

Victoria: Haha! What other costumes do you own and what can we look forward to in the future?

Jonathan: I’m working on a few right now, but really, just perfecting a few of the ones I have. I want to do the new Superman costume, a set of the COG armor from Gears of War, and I’m trying to think of a few new heroes to throw into my line up for my work with Heroes Alliance.

Victoria: Tell me about your Facebook page "Building a Superhero".

Jonathan: HOORAY! A shameless plug appears! My brother and I were getting so many request from people to get workout advice as well as dietary, and one day, I just realized, it’s easier for people to have a place to turn to, so they don’t have to search.  The page is mainly geared towards cosplayers and costumers, but has attracted the attention of a lot of those outside that realm. The entire project has become an ever changing, ever evolving thing, but in the end, we’re just happy we can help people improve their health.

Victoria:  What do you do personally to stay in such great shape?

Jonathan: I typically train twice a day, 6 times a week, resulting in about 4 hours a day. The split is between weight training and light cardio, as well as abdominal work. My diet is a huge part too. Typically I consume between 5,000 and 10,000 calories a day when I’m not on a lean cycle. This is just to gain more muscle mass, so when I start to cut back, I don’t become too small.

Victoria:  You look nearly identical to Mike Turner's Superman. Not just the costume but your face. Do people tell you that often?

Jonathan: HAHA! I hear it every now and then, but I love it every time I do. Michael Turner had a brilliant art style. One that I’ve tried with my own art to duplicate several times, though VERY unsuccessfully. His Superman style is my ideal goal in physique, so when I hear that compliment, it’s a huge compliment to me.

Victoria:  You also run a company "Supernova Costuming and Design" with your fiancée. Can you give me the details on what that's all about?

Jonathan: SuperNova Costuming and Design comes from a collaboration of both my fiancée and myself, in a joint effort to produce quality costumes for people. She handles a lot of the sewing, I handle a lot of the props (though for some things, we outsource to Wild Wood Studios), and we both do research until we feel like we know the costume backwards and forwards before we begin construction.

Victoria: What's it like having someone (your future wife) to cosplay with?

Jonathan: Oh, it’s amazing. She’s so much fun. We laugh because a lot of times, some people will drag their significant other into costuming with them, but instead, that’s how we met. She was the best darn Harley Quinn I’d ever seen. In addition to being the greatest costume accessory, she’s also my best friend. And there’s nothing like having a great hobby with your best friend.

Victoria: Your Batman Arkham Asylum cosplay is best described as perfection. How long did it take to put that costume together?

Jonathan: Well, the first run of the suit, proved a bit… problematic. I only kept it on for a few hours during it’s first tour at Dragon Con. By Mega Con it was ready to make it’s reappearance. It took a bit over a year to get everything just right on it, but it’s still being perfected. I’m currently working on a new belt to replace the urethane one, and my Props master, Steven Spellman of Wild Wood Studios, and I are collaborating on building a stronger set of armor for it with high impact plastic and Kevlar… ya know… just in case. But the crown of the costume has to be the cowl from Shawn Reeves of fame. The cowl is just… gorgeous.

Victoria: What is your most memorable experience at a convention/show?

Jonathan: Oh gosh, that’s easy. It was my proposal to Jessica Enright in the Hyatt at Dragon Con while all of our friends stood around, watching. I’ll never forget it.

Victoria:  That's so beautiful! What do you think of Superman's new costume in the comics and the upcoming Zack Snyder film?

Jonathan: I’m not crazy about the actor, but I’m ready to see what he can do. The suit is really nice, though I have NO idea why they used the earth 2 Superman symbol. I’m looking forward to yelling horrible things while I attempt to make it.

Victoria: That sounds like it would be an entertaining You Tube video. Haha. What conventions do you normally attend?

Jonathan: Typically, Mega Con, and Dragon Con. But in 2012, I want to make a huge circuit of cons including San Diego, Chicago, New York and yes… Metropolis.

Victoria:  Any final thoughts or anything you would like to add?

Jonathan: Check out my page at
And remember, if you can dream it, you can be it. That’s the great thing about costuming and that’s the great thing about life.

Sponsor needed for American McGee's Alice cosplay

I've been a fan of American McGee's Alice since it was released on PC back in October 2000. The game gave us what many people craved for; a dark and gory version of the twisted dimension called Wonderland. I fell in love with the game, fascinated with Alice's decent into madness (and tickled pink she was a brunette like the real life Alice which the character was based on) and read the journal that accompanied it numerous times. By the end of the game I wasn't satisfied; I wanted more. No one had ever delivered a nightmare-ish Wonderland like this game did. I like many, didn't think we would ever see a sequel due to the constant sets backs and cancellations. Alas 11 years later we finally received the next chapter and I find myself once again submerged in American McGee's telling of the classic tale. I have become obsessed with the idea of cosplaying Alice and am currently seeking sponsors for the character I want to bring to life.

Leg Avenue has licensed an official Alice costume that comes complete with the Omega necklace. The outfit is currently available on ebay for $45.99 and free shipping.

The boots are also currently available on ebay for $24.99 with free shipping as well:  which brings the total to $70.98. Whoever would like to donate the total amount will recieve a Cosplay Girl mug with a picture of their choice as well as a signed 4x8 photo. If you would like to sponsor only one item, you may do that as well. Whomever sponsors the dress ($45.99) will receive a mug and if you would like to sponsor the boots ($24.99) you will receive two autographed 4x8 pictures.

You may contact me via email at:  Thank you all very much for taking the time to read this and here's hoping someone will be helping me travel through the looking glass and into the realm of madness.

Cosplay Final Fantasy XIII Oerba Yun Fang

     Final Fantasy xiii Oerba Yun Fang is another great choice for the special skin cosplayers and also the gender-crossing lovers. This final fantasy cosplay would bring the imitators something different from the other roles of this video game. From the outside looks, Fang looks like a tomboy. As a matter of fact, she has the boylish personality, namely, she is a tough, tameless and great-hearted girl with the dark hair. In my view, she suits the cosplayers who have wild temperament best.
 Final Fantasy XIII Oerba Yun Fang Cosplay

Apart from her personality, the cosplay costume is another crucial element of the imitating. The classic one is composed of a short black top inside, a skirt with tribal patterns, and one piece of same material cloth hanging over left shoulder down, in addition, a belt going around the waist with two fur pelts in the front. Moreover, black arm accessories extend to wrist. Finally, there is a leather pack in the back. It is really a conspicuous one plus the big and exclusive Fang weapon, which is completely an excellent choice.
        If you are a hundred percent tomboy, I suggest you this cosplay character, it will bring you something unforgettable. At the same time, if you are a boy who is interested in gender-crossing cosplay, this role is a good choice. Try it.

Cosplay Final Fantasy Chaos

As one of the characters of Final Fantasy video games, Chaos is also one of the distinctive figures and the hot cosplay choice for boys and even some of the girls. He is a comparatively large and the winged demonic role of this series. Chaos plays the role of the God of Discord and the main antagonist in Dissidia Final Fantasy.
As for some of the cosplayers who intend to do the complex and special cosplay, this one is their first choice. From the outside looks, he is really eyecatching. The final fantasy Chaos cosplay costume is also very complex, which is just right for those imitators who love this type of suit. There is no limitation on the activity of cosplay, so we could notice that boys and girls don the Chaos oufit in the show display a twinkling appearace and generally will be the highlight of the show.
On my part, this cosplay character is suitable to those people who are high enogh and big enogh that he or she would be much better. As the cosplayer shows in the picture, he looks really different and is notable. I can feel his enjoyment form his faces and behaviour.

San Diego Comic Con 2011

*Sigh* Teaching, modeling, family life & life in general is really taking it's toll on me. I am completely and utterly exhausted. Not to mention a tangled love life and  my train hit and killed a man on my way to work last week. I really and truly need a vacation and have to get away from it all. I think I'm under the delusion that I am really a Wonder Woman and have to do it all. I'm going to end up in the hospital if I don't slow down, which is something my doctor yelled at me about last year.

This year's Comic Con was a whirlwind. Traveling from the east coast to the west cost is very exhausting. Lucky enough, my gal pal Haydn Porter (the super gorgeous playboy model) and I were on the same connecting flight to Cali so we got off the plane together and shared a cab to our hotel, went shopping and had lunch on the town with a new fellow Slave Leia named Rebecca while we waited for our manager to arrive. Entertainment Weekly stopped by my room shortly after to photograph me for their feature "Slave Leia: Some Assembly Required" (which can I say, how stoked I was to be the subject of an article by this famed magazine! AWESOME!). I asked Haydn to be in on it to; they photographed my progress on becoming Slave Leia and even followed me to the convention where Haydn and I were working that night (preview night). Because of the press I get and my online following, Rebecca has nicknamed me "Celebrity Leia". LOL Check out the article here:,,20399642_20511850,00.html

On Preview Night I met the creator of the Monster High dolls, which I collect and am a massive fan of. I got to talk to him for a while and he was very nice and even took a pic of us together with his phone. The rest of the show is such a whirl wind; I posed for so many pics, attended the Slave Gathering, did interviews, met fans from Twitter and Facebook, met up with friends like artist Billy Tucci, attended a private Lucasfilm party, went to South Park Land, hung with friends and ended the trip with seeing Captain America. I wore my Catwoman costume, Belle and Lara Croft. Sadly there was no time for Wonder Woman and Supergirl although I packed them. Did lots of shopping for myself and loved ones and met super amazing cosplayer Joanie (who also made my Supergirl outfit) and Emily Ruth (we were Disney Princesses together). I also worked at the Terminal Alice booth dressed as their character Cara with my girls as two of the other characters. Made lots of new friends and posed with one of the best Lara Croft cosplayers, Vera Vanguard. Many of the Slave Leia's this year were absolute dolls.

The fans seemed more aggressive this year. I don't know why certain people think it's okay to put their hand on my ass or ask creepy questions (are you alone?) or try to start arguments with me because I'm in the middle of a telephone conversation and won't pose for a photo (boy did that guy get told off by Catwoman!). Comic Con is like a small country with no laws. There's way too many people and not enough security. I have the most problems at this show because there isn't a constant male companion at my side like there is at hometown shows. Maybe I should hire a bodyguard next year. lol  Thank God for friends though. They kept me sane among the craziness. I guess I will finish out this blog by saying I was asked to return next year and probably will (I have a pretty sweet gig) and will probably take more days off before and after the show to recoup. I went back to work way too soon. Below are some of my favorite pics. Be sure to see the rest (as I slowly upload them) on my official Facebook Page:

Final Fantasy Warrior Yuna Cosplay

Apart from the cute and sexy final fantasy Yunna cosplay, have you ever thought about the FF warrior Yuna cosplay? It is a completely different style. We do the imitating by means of dressing the corresponding outfit, and different accoutrements display different outlooks and feeling. For instance, the Yuna apparel which is made up of a dress or a kimono with a top, separated sleeves and wide waist belt, while with a short hair style in Final Fantasy X. Cosplay Yuna with this suit shows a lovely apperance. 

Final Fantasy Warrior Yuna Cosplay
And in Final Fantasy X-2, she wears a revealing piece, which is connecting of waistcoat, half length skirt, and neckwear in the form of a cap behind along with a long tail, arm band and boots. This dressing reveals a sexy glamour. And wear this  final fantay Yuna cosplay apparel will show a sexy appeal.
Hence, the warrior array of course would present a cool Yuna cosplay in the show. The black and red jacket and trousers along with the special gloves show a quite chic looks. Each of the parts is in the special designed pattern. What a cool piece! It is easy to imagine that impersonate Yuna in this costume and there will be a fantastic show in the cosplay.