Cosplay Spotlight: Danny Kelley

For those within the cosplay community, the name Danny Kelley is a familiar one. Known as the ultimate Superman cosplayer, Danny's portrayal of The Man of Steel has not only impressed fans and cosplayers alike but the folks over at DC Comics. With a physique worthy of Earth Greatest Hero,  a personal Superman collection featuring 3,000 items and appearances in everything from fan films to local parades,  it's clear to see why Danny is an inspiration to others and regarded as the best of the best. Danny took time out for an interview for the Confessions of a Cosplay Girl Blog to chat about his body building days, cosplay and his reasons for dressing up as the Daily Planet reporter.

Victoria: You're known as THE Superman cosplayer. How long have you been portraying the Man of Steel and what made you decide to cosplay him?

Danny: I have been a Superman fan for as long as I can remember. Growing up I read the comics and loved the way Superman looked strong and big. So once I got to the age to workout I did. I wanted to look like that. What got me into putting on the suit was one Halloween I thought it would be cool to make a Superman costume so I found a site online that told you how to do it. So I made my first suit. Then I read about a real place called Metropolis in Illinois. I just had to go there. They had a 3 day celebration for the Man of Steel. So that's the  first time I wore the suit at a convention and I haven't looked back since.

Victoria: You have many different variants of Superman. Which version is your personal favorite?

Danny: I have 14 different Superman costumes. Every one he has worn I have tried to get. My favorite is a cross between Chris Reeves and Dean Cains suit. I kinda mixed them up some to give it my on flare.

Victoria: What other characters have you brought to life through cosplay?

Danny: I have done only a couple other costumes besides Superman. One was Atom Smasher and the other Wonder Man.

Victoria: You  have starred in a few Avengers Fan Films as Wonder Man. Do you enjoy being an actor and being in front of the camera?

Danny: I love acting. I was a little nervous at first but am getting better at it and feeling more comfortable.

Victoria: You've caught the attention of DC Comics and have visited the DC Headquarters on numerous occasions. What's it like having a personal relationship with the company?

Danny: I have met so many great people in the DC Comics world from artist to some of the head people at DC. They are all great and think what I do is wonderful.

Victoria: What are your thoughts about the DC reboot and Superman's new costume?

Danny: You know when Superman Returns came out I didn't think I would like that costume but it grew on me. This one will also I believe. Things change, sometimes it good sometimes its bad, but most the time it's a little of both.

Victoria: A picture was recently released of Henry Cavill in the upcoming Zack Snyder Superman film. What do you think of the new movie costume and would you consider cosplaying it?

Danny: Defiantly. I have to have that costume also. I am already looking into having it made. I love it.

Victoria: How do you feel about Zack Snyder taking over the Superman franchise?

Danny: I think he will do great. This one will have alot more of what we want from Superman; more action!!

Victoria: You were a professional body builder and was crowned Mr. Georgia not once but twice. Based on your physique, you look as though you should be residing on Mt. Olympus. How do you stay in such incredible shape?

Danny: I was a competitive Body Builder for 9 years. Now I do the same workouts and diet year round to give the fans the very best I can give them as Superman and try and bring him to life for them. I workout everyday and stay on a very clean diet.


Victoria: I can tell you right now, you would be an enormous hit at the San Diego Comic Con. Any plans on ever attending that show?

Danny: Yes, I hope to get there one year.  I have so many other conventions I do that it's hard to find the time. But I will make it out there.

Victoria: Who is your favorite actor to protray the Last Son of Krypton?

Danny: That would be Chris Reeve. He was and always will be Superman for me.

Victoria: Do you eat?

Danny: Why yes Ms. Lane, when I'm hungry

                                           Victoria: Couldn't resist a reference to the first Superman film!