Well, I didn’t finish the red wig… But I might as well reveal that the costumes we are certainly going to make this year are female trolls from World of Warcraft. They weren’t mentioned in the post where I revolved around costume plans for this year. To be frank, I might as well delete the whole post because the content isn’t anyhow correct anymore. It seems that I’m at work for whole holiday season. So it's no for going to conventions or at least for two days, which means no competitions as they usually are held at Saturdays.

You’d think that I would be a wreck, but I’m not! I’m too excited about our trolls. They are going to be our characters for Tracon’s show competition, if that kind of contest is part of the repertory. Plans changed also on that front, because our original plan was to use characters from Star Wars universe. Not a bad switch, I’d say. Wow characters are certainly more familiar to the audience in roleplay/anime convention and show class gives nice freedom with the costume design and construction.

The construction part offers again new methods and materials. We are going to take our time and hopefully get the costumes in presentable stage in the summer. What I’ve noticed with some Wow cosplayers, the costumes are never really finished. They just keep upgrading, like in the game.

The red wig I presented in the previous entry was mine. Thanks to a nice flow I got going on yesterday evening, Yoki’s wig was finished just few hours ago. As my high tail up-do reached over my shoulders, I decided to make Yoki’s wig short.

It still needs some trimming and styling on the sides, but it has to wait because for that I need Yoki's head. The bone necklace is also something I made yesterday from leftover Das clay. The feathers were the result of an experimental dyeing process with disinfectant... Weird.

Updated Soul Eater Photoshoot!

Elysia of Fenyx Design posted a couple of new pictures of our Soul Eater cosplay photoshoot! Here they are:
Eruka being choked by the sinister Medusa :O

Mimi as her ultra cute Eruka~

Here's the link to our previous Soul Eater photoshoot photos with Elysia. We will update everyone when she posts the rest :D.


Blended wefts and high ponytail

I didn’t remember that making wefts was so easy! I really surprised myself with them and with my old wig, which actually has been featured in our blog. Here is the link to my previous post. In short, we dropped the costumes I had planned the wig for. Over a year and a half ago I just shoved the wig into my closet and almost forgot all about it. Until this morning that is, when I looked it up thrilled and motivated to re-style it. I got free day from work and because we had discussed about our costume plans with Yoki last weekend, I decided to start on that front. And this is what I got done today.

Oh, a shovel!

I’m really, really pleased with the wig. I made some blended wefts from the long ponytail I had cut off the wig mixed with burgundy red fibers, also remnants from last decade. I’m not going to write about making wefts, there is many tutorials about them in the web, but I’m going to give a hint to those who find tulle hard to work with. Use iron-on interfacing. Stitch the fibers on the glue side and when you have trimmed the excess carefully iron the interfacing between a piece pattern paper. I fried few fibers, luckily they aren’t visible.

Wefts on base before cutting...

...and after.

Next to making and sewing wefts, I cut the wig so that the extensions blend in. I feathered the wig quite heavily, but made it look chunky, like if it had been cut with a knife. Almost nothing went to waste; what I had cut, I rolled and teased into dreadlocks, which I then attached right back where they came from. The bangs keep their shape thanks to hairspray.

I still need to attach the ponytail properly. When I’ve done that, I will come back and possibly reve`l what costume I’m actually making.

Cosplay-vania is now on Facebook and Google+

Today is Pi Day!!!!!  Woot!  AND, I have finally finished making a very simple logo for us!
If you haven't got the idea yet, we were inspired by Castlevania when we came up with the name for our blog.  To go along with the same concept, I designed our logo with a creepy castle.  I know it's not perfect or cool like some other logos, but this is a temporary solution until I cross paths with better ones.

With the completion of our logo, we have also officially launched our Facebook page HERE, please "like" us *puppy eyes*
A Google+ page also exists but it is rather confusing, if you are a G+ user, you could follow us by clicking on the button on the right.

That's all for now, Animazement finally announced some more of their guests!  I'm pretty excited about KOTOKO and Masao Maruyama.  If you are curious, check AZ's guest list out HERE.

More exciting things soon to come!

Final Fantasy X Lulu Cosplay

For me, when speaking of the complex or challenging cosplay, final fantasy Lulu cosplay must be included in it. And I am always curious about the decent and complex cosplay costume, and wondering what will happen if I put in on? Yeah, I know it is impossible for me to do that, because it is so difficult for me to do that.

Ok, this cosplay girl does a perfect job, right? She looks really the same as Lulu, his beautiful hairdo, particular her cosplay costume is amazing, and plus her decent makeup, yeah, she brings final fantasy lulu in front us. I love her cosplay.
So, if you want to try something challenging and noticeable, this final fantasy cosplay is a good choice.

Cosplay Progress - Mask Construction and Gloves

Ahh progress, it is nice to finally post you again, hehe.  Since my last update, I've added plenty more craft foam and hot glue to continue the formation of Deus Ex Machina's mask.  At this point, the task is a little more strategic than just gluing foam everywhere I could.   I am still constantly looking back at the reference photos to make sure I am accurate with my shapes, but through this process I am getting a better sense of how to make the angles work for me.  Mimi has offered plenty of her help in creating this mask in the form of advice and some hot gluing (even acquiring some burns in the process Q_Q).  

Anyways, here's my updated progress gallery:

Created the upper eye framework.


Built the cheek and chin frame work. Also replaced his "tooth" under the eye framework and bent the chin.
Also in progress news, I received some hockey gloves that I will use as a base material for my MZMA gloves.  I got the idea for using hockey gloves from this Instructables tutorial on how to make Hell Boy's RHoD. These things are HUGE on my hands, so they will work perfectly for MZMA.  I plan to cover the tops in red fun foam and maybe spray paint an orange gradient on to it afterwards, but that's just me thinking.

We cut off the BAUER logo part to make room for the craft foam that  we will use.  
The most pressing issue for these used hockey gloves is to remove their intense smell of sweat.  If anyone has any good ideas on a deodorant for these, let me know (THEY REALLY STINK!!!! X___X)

Thanks, I will keep you guys updated! :D


[[[For reference, here's a link to the last update]]]

Distant Worlds Concert

I spent the past few days visiting a friend in Boston, and the fact that Distant Worlds, a concert comprised solely of Final Fantasy music, was playing at the Boston Symphony Hall was actually the catalyst for the impromptu vacation.

If you are a fan of video game music and Nobuo Uematsu in particular, I urge you to attend at least one of these concerts. The Video Game Orchestra was absolutely fabulous, as was the conductor, Arnie Roth. I'm not too proud to admit that I started crying during the Opening - Bombing Mission song from Final Fantasy VII. And again during the Opera "Maria and Draco" (Aria di Mezzo Caraterre) from FF VI. The waves of nostalgia were overwhelming. I was also not prepared for how amazing Dancing Mad would sound on a massive pipe organ, and the clips of Terra fighting Kefka from Dissidia Final Fantasy playing in the background only made it that much more fantastic (and made me really wish I had a PSP).

Kefka, you singularly crazy bastard.

There is something to be said for live music - recordings just cannot compare. I have to say, the screen behind the orchestra playing clips from the games added to the performance - and not just because some of them were almost like inside jokes for the audience. Remember that obnoxious tapping noise when your characters walked around in Final Fantasy VIII? Yeah. Now imagine hearing that in a concert hall. And, of course, what Final Fantasy concert is complete without a rousing chorus of One Winged Angel a la Final Fantasy VII?

Man, I wish my seats had been that good. Note to self: order tickets many months in advance.

- Song List -
(because I couldn't find one online and it was driving me crazy)
- Liberi Fatali -VIII
-Victory Fanfare
-Don't Be Afraid - VIII
-Distant Worlds - XI
-Dear Friends- V
-Vamo' alla Flamenco - IX
-Zanarkand - X
- Aeris' / Aerith's Theme - VII
-Chocobo song from XIV + Swing de Chocobo
-Opening- Bombing Mission - VII
-Dancing Mad - VI
-Blinded by Light - XIII
-Fisherman's Horizon - VIII
-Opera "Maria and Draco" - VI
-Terra's Theme - VI
-One Winged Angel - VII

I do have one complaint, however...Why only one song from FF IX?!

What is the relevance to this blog, you wonder? Well. It came as no surprise to me that there were a handful of cosplayers scattered among the audience. My tally was as follows: Aeris - 2 ; Squall - 1 ; Generic red mage - 1 ; Moogle - 2

Now out of a crowd of over 2,000 that might not seem significant, but keep in mind that this is a formal concert situation. However, I noticed a wide range of outfits- from people in jeans and hoodies to people in their finest formal wear. Most orchestral concerts I have attended were in Europe, and I can't tell if people in the US don't dress as formally for concerts or whether this was a result of it being a video game orchestra rather than a more traditional concert.

Now pretend this is a dude in a hoodie with ears.

So I pose a question to all of you - is it appropriate to cosplay at a formal concert? Even though this was a video game concert, should cosplaying be considered an appropriate, respectful homage to the composer and the series, or is it too outlandish or informal for an orchestral performance?

In other news, I apologize for my absence. Cosplay updates will start as soon as the MCAT has been vanquished. Less than two weeks. I am beyond terrified.


Cosplay Spotlight: Collaborations

Teaming up with fellow cosplayers to create something artistic is a creative and enjoyable process. It takes your cosplay a step further in the story telling process and allows you to expand your imagination.
Epic battles can be reenacted, unlikely alliances can be formed and loved ones are reunited. Cosplay Collaborations not only call for talented cosplayers but skilled photographers as well. And let us not forget Cosplay Groups where individuals come together for a similar purpose and theme to showcase their collective talents at numerous events. Over the years I have been fortunate to work with extremely talented artists for various projects and would like to take this opportunity to showcase our work. My thanks to you all.

   Superman and Lois Lane 
Superman: Danny Kelley
Photography: Mark Shafer
Edit: Connie Leigh

The Rocketeer and Damsel in Distress
The Rocketeer: Smoke
Photography: Connie Leigh
Edit: Connie Leigh and Victoria

Supergirl VS Darkseid
Darkseid: Smoke
Photography and edit: Connie Leigh

Catwoman and The Joker
The Joker: Iggy Cosplay
Photography: Connie Leigh and Lamont
Edit: Connie Leigh

Gotham City Sirens
Harley Quinn: Han Pan
Poison Ivy: Lucid Cosplay
Photography: Derek Brad

Boba Fett and Slave Leia
Boba Fett: Justin Coward
Photography: Joe Burke

Details on the MZMA costume

I'm posting some screencaps from the Black Rock Shooter PSP game for Stuart and others are are thinking about doing MZMA cosplay.  The quality of the pictures are low, but hopefully it shows enough details for people to understand the motifs on his jacket.

Front view

Details on the collar and head piece

Details on the glove

Details on the sword and glove

Back view

Back view

Front motif detail

Leg pouch detail

Back of head
That's that!  Hopefully this can be useful for the people out there planning to cosplay MZMA.  I'm still having difficulties understanding his coat (is it a long coat + skirt or a short coat + skirt?).

Anyways, here's a preview of upcoming wig review from Gachapin!

Don't forget to subscribe/follow our blog!!!  We also added a new fish feature on the side for you to play with.  Thank you!


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