Final Fantasy X Tidus Cosplay

Tidus is the male leading character of Final Fantasy X and a young guy who is full of energy with carefree and cheerful personality. The same as other final fantasy characters, Tidus also has gained his followers including both boys and girls. We could find there are different cosplayers who dress up as final fantasy Tidus in all kinds of cosplays.
And there is a great final fantasy x Tidus cosplay that I want to share it with you. Take a look at the picture, the cosplay boy in the pic shows a really similar Tidus. He does an amazing job. I love his cosplay. It seems that I could find endless sunshine from him. Everything about him seems great and charming, such as the wig looks like his real hair, his smile is sweet and the cosplay outfit is also great.
As one of the final fantasy cosplay choices, Tidus cosplay is not only suitable for boys but also for tomboys. So, if you are a zealous fan of cosplay, this is a good choice.

Final Fantasy X-2 Yuna Lenne Song Cosplay

What an attractive it is! Without doubt, this is one of the best final fantasy x-2 Yuna cosplays. Whether you are a girl or a boy, you would be charmed by her, right? The cosplay girl in the picture looks beautiful and she has cute faces, especially I love the Yuna Lenne Song cosplay costume she wears.
As one of the hottest cosplay choices, Yuna is really an ideal character for us. One of the main reasons is that Yuna is such kind of girl with ever changing images. She looks striking in every different occasion with the exclusive Yuna costume. Girls who want to release the female magic power, for example the beautiful curve in the public, especially there are so many other fantastic cosplayers including male and female.
This cosplay girl is successfully in making herself a perfect picture of admiration in the show. And she would attractive others easily. I love this final fantasy cosplay.

Final Fantasy Funny Pictures

           Yeah! It is time to entertain our brain and to enjoy some of the funny final fantasy pictures now. These especially adapted images could bring us much enjoyment. Let's enjoy them together!

Final Fantasy VI Terra Branford Cosplay

As one of the most popular final fantasy series, Final Fantasy VI plays an irreplaceable place in the eyes of the game players and cosplayers. And cosplay final fantasy Terra Branford of course becomes hot among the other ff characters.
Terra Branford is the one of the main characters of ff VI, and she is the first introduced role controled by the Empire with gifted magical power. She is beautiful and sexy with long curly hair. Hence she naturally becomes one of the best cosplay choices to the cosplay girls.
Here is a sexy Terra Branford cosplay as it shows in the picture. The cosplay costume looks pretty, the red skirt, purple ribbon up in her hair, pale pink cape around her neck, red sleeves on her arms and white stockings on her legs. In a word, she is sexy and charming. The details on her dress are especial splendid that perfect her cosplay. I love this final fantasy cosplay.

Dear Mr. Trate

Not surprisingly another Slave Leia bashing article has surfaced on the web. This one however is in a league of it's own. Not only did they specifically target the article Entertainment Weekly did on me preparing for this year's San Diego Comic Con (as Leia) but they also featured a photo they took of me at  Comic Con and went on to admit that they have taken several other pictures of me at conventions as Catwoman and Zatanna. Funny enough after confessing they have several pictures of me in multiple costumes, they go on to state that they have no clue as to who I am (even though my name and information is listed in the Entertainment Weekly article he referenced). Furthermore the individual claims they were "surprised" to see me "three years" after cosplaying Zatanna  in San Diego. The humorous thing about that statement is I first wore Zatanna to a con at the 2010 Wizard World Philly show aka the Philadelphia Comic Con and wore Slave Leia to California a month later. Where do you get a three year gap when those cosplays were in fact one month apart? When one of my friends defended me in this article, Mr. Trate instantly knew she was referring to me (even though she pointed out a photo featuring two Slave Leia's) without her mentioning my name.  Upon registering on the site to leave my own personal response, I found that my email account had all ready been blocked. Curious.

The article isn't solely about me but uses me as an example on why "Slave Leia is Dead" and goes on to accuse Gentle Giant Studios  using Leia for "marketing" (I guess he knows better than a multimillion dollar company with a contract with Lucasfilm and feels they should take his marketing advice) and accuses the models of not being real Star Wars fans. He accuses Olivia Munn and Adrianne Curry of being posers and that they only wore the metal bikini to promote themselves. Here's a prime example of educating yourself before you stick your foot in your mouth; Olivia Munn wore it as part of her job for G4 TV and anyone who knows Adrianne Curry is well aware that she is a proud geek and a major Star Wars fan.

Apparently Slave Leia was hot up until 2009 according to Mr. Trate. He admits he is a big fan of it. So what happened? No explanation is given. Perhaps he was snubbed or got turned down for a date by a Slave Leia model. His call on Slave Leia's to show their "creative side and do something different" leaves me asking:

 "Who the hell are you?"

Almost all of the Slave Leia's have other cosplays. I myself have over ten costumes and was named the Queen of Cosplay by the Modern Tokyo Times and Axiom Magazine. You know nothing about them, Mr. Trate. You are judgemental and prejudice. At San Diego Comic Con we are HIRED TO DO A JOB and you even admitted to stopping by the Gentle Giant booth to take a photo of me (and at several other

Mr. Trate encourages Leia's to take creative liberties with the costume and praises others who have done so completely ignoring the fact that the models must mirror Carrie Fisher's look. He lists other characters women should cosplay as if we want or require his opinion. Finally, Mr. Trate  attempted to reach out to me saying "his boss" had several "messages" for me stating the article was not meant to be personal. What made me howl with laughter is after getting into Lois Lane mode, I discovered that he was in fact the writer of the article and used unconvincing aliases that were easy to expose. Next time, don't pick something so obvious.

Now because I work in the real world and have a respectable full time job as a teacher, naturally I didn't discover this until after I got out of work. To find that someone once again is bashing my side job is unsurprising. How funny is it that someone on the outside is trying to tell professional models how to do their job. You're not our employer thus we are not required to listen to you particularly when some of us are veteran cosplayers. Save the requests for the Gentlemen's club and stop acting like you're an authority because you're not.

To quote one of my fans:

"Yawn to the haters." The Slave Leia bashing is the one that's tired. I'm doing what I love, am successful in multiple fields and do not plan to stop.


Pretty Final Fantasy X Yuna Cosplay

There is no denying that a lot of cosplay girls are obssessed with final fantasy Yuna cosplay, one of the main reasons is that there are many differernt suits with different styles that they could make a good choice and display attractive apperance in the activity. And of course we could enjoy numerous exceelent copslayers who are really great, and they not only have the similar body shape as Yuna, but also get the suitable cosplay costume for their figure along with the paerfect related accessories.
And I found this final fantasy cosplay from the internet, the cosplay girl in the picture obviously is one of the best cosplayers. It is uploaded by Shirokumapancosplay, she made the cosplay outfit and the weapon in her hands, and yeah she is not only a good impersonator but also a skilled sewer. It can be said that most of us could not do the same perfect job as her. So it proves that she chose the right character for her cosplay show. Everyyhing seems great. Although we could not see the rest of the attire, we could imagine that beautiful dress is there hidden.
     Do you also want to try an unforggetable final fantasy cosplay? Maybe this one will help to fulfiil that.