Cosplay Final Fantasy Chaos

As one of the characters of Final Fantasy video games, Chaos is also one of the distinctive figures and the hot cosplay choice for boys and even some of the girls. He is a comparatively large and the winged demonic role of this series. Chaos plays the role of the God of Discord and the main antagonist in Dissidia Final Fantasy.
As for some of the cosplayers who intend to do the complex and special cosplay, this one is their first choice. From the outside looks, he is really eyecatching. The final fantasy Chaos cosplay costume is also very complex, which is just right for those imitators who love this type of suit. There is no limitation on the activity of cosplay, so we could notice that boys and girls don the Chaos oufit in the show display a twinkling appearace and generally will be the highlight of the show.
On my part, this cosplay character is suitable to those people who are high enogh and big enogh that he or she would be much better. As the cosplayer shows in the picture, he looks really different and is notable. I can feel his enjoyment form his faces and behaviour.