Black Butler Lau Cosplay Costume

The above is what we provide for you, Black Butler Lau fans. We have always spared no efforts to provide the reliable costumes to help you make your cosplay perfect.

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The Black Butler Lau Cosplay Costume includes a Cheong-sam, a belt and a pair of pants. The most important part in Black Butler Lau's cospaly show should be his darkslategray Cheong-sam with red edging. Three red frog buttons are also applied on the high collar. The Cheong-sam is designed with white cuffed sleeves. To look the same as Lau in the anime, you also need a pair of white pants and a white belt.

You may notice that Lau has short black hair. If your hair is not in black color, an easy option is to buy a Black Butler Lau Cosplay Wig. We offer a wide range of cosplay wigs for you to choose from.

Picture from: cosplay.

There is no need for you to worry about the quality of the costume. We use the uniform cloth to make sure the costume is not only the same as the original one in the anime but also easy to wash and durable to wear.

We offer custom made services to help you get the perfect fit. It sounds easy to finish your cosplay, right? Competitive prices and free shipping are provided. Why not pick this fabulous Cosplay Costume today and make you a real Lau?