Black Butler Gureru Sutcliffe Cosplay Costume

The great fans of Black Butler Gureru Sutcliffe please look here. We are the dream-maker you are looking for. To make your dream of cosplaying Gureru Sutcliffe in Black Butler anime come true, you need us to be your best cosplay assistant.

The Black Butler Gureru Sutcliffe Cosplay Costume provided here includes an overcoat, a jacket, a shirt and a pair of pants. The red overcoat features black trimming and a very cool lapel. Inside the overcoat is a red sleeveless jacket with a row of black buttons. Certainly, the jacket looks great with shirt. Here we offer you a white shirt decorated with a pink bow tie.

Picture from: flickr.

What about the pants? We have prepared you a pair of long black pants to match the upper parts. Don’t forget to get yourself a pair of black shoes and a pair of black leather gloves to make your cosplay show perfect.

To look the same as Gureru Sutcliffe, you also need to pick a pair of glasses with red frame. Also don't overlook the hairstyle. Here you can find fabulous Gureru Sutcliffe Cosplay Wig. We promise our cosplay costumes and cosplay wigs come with quality fabric, which is very comfortable to wear and easy to wash.

Picture from: flickr.

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