Black Butler Doll Cosplay Costume

Picture from: flickr.

Here we offer you nice Black Butler Cosplay Costumes. Just take a look! Black Butler Ciel Phantomhive Cosplay Costume & Wig are popular among anime enthusiasts. For girls who want to look lovely and cute at the cosplay show, our Black Butler Doll Cosplay Costume would be a great choice. More details are found below.

The Black Butler Doll Cosplay Costume includes a body skirt, a hat, a belt, two wrist bands and a bowknot. The body skirt with shoulder straps is white and reaches the length above the knee. The upper front part of the skirt has pleated details which add a feminine touch to your look. The bottom edge of the skirt is designed with floral trimmings which look elegant and chic.

To show off your curves, a grey belt is provided. The bowknot and wrist bands look great with this trendy dress. If you want to become a real Doll, don't forget to pick up the flower-like hat. It is recommended that you choose a pair of white stockings and white high heels to match with this skirt.

Picture from: flickr.

Our Doll Cosplay Costume comes with quality satin which kisses your tender skin gently. You will look and feel great with it. This Costume is also easy to wash and can be worn for quite a long time. You are sure to get gorgeous Doll Cosplay Costume that is made exactly according to the one the original character wears.

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