What Do You Think of This Final Fantasy Rikku Cosplay?

I put this picture of Final Fantasy Rikku cosplay on face book, and then many of the guys are enamored with it. Indeed, it is a perfect job, and I was also shocked by it at the first glance. This Rikku cosplayer really does an excellent job, she is amazing.
I have to say she has a smart mind and must be the skillful and experienced cosplayer. In the first place, she chooses the proper character for herself, and they have the similar figure and appearance. If she is such a girl who has back skin and much fat, and the results would be totally different. Moreover, she wears the suitable Rikku cosplay costume for her body shape, as there are more apparels than one of Rikku. Her appeal is fully displayed by this piece, the faces, and the body curve and the skin with no exception of the cosplay clothing, all the things about her are eye-catching. In the last place, she does a good and appropriate makeup which lends the charm of the whole cosplay.
In this way, from this cosplay girl we learn a lot, right? And then we know something that we should keep in mind when we plan to start the cosplay.