Black Butler Sebastian Michaelis Cosplay Costume

Here Black Butler Sebastian Michaelis Cosplay Costume is offered. Wanna buy it? Click the picture above directly. You will never regret your decision.

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Sebastian Michaelis Cosplay Costume here includes an overcoat, vest, tie, shirt and trousers. All these pieces feature good quality and perfect similarity. This costume is crafted exactly according to what the the original character wears in Black Butler anime. Top quality materials are adopted to make you feel comfortable. Our Sebastian Michaelis Cosplay Costume is also durable and easy to wash. Don't miss such a nice offer.

If you want to be a star at your show, you also need a pair of white gloves and a Sebastian Michaelis Cosplay Wig. You can find these items from our site.

Picture from: cosplay.

We provide custom services. Your Sebastian Michaelis cosplay costume is promised to be made exactly according to your measurements. You definitely can count on us. We offer unbeatable prices and free shipping. Choose our Sebastian Michaelis cosplay costume and you will make an impression at your show!

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