Cosplay Magazine


Cosplay Magazine

COSMODE Magazine has played a conductive role in the expansion of cosplay in Japan. When the magazine was first released in 2002, there were no online communitiy to bring people together. After the release, cosplayers felt that cosplay was more acceptable.

For the first time, now it is available in English as online Cosplay Magazine!

Cosplay is your an expression of love for the characters, your love for the art, and your love to your friends.

Each issue of COSMODE Online features the top cosplayers expressing their love by showing off their handmade costumes. Nothing is left out with beautiful photography that captures even the smallest details like posing, props, and background.

COSMODE How-tos is covers every aspect of cosplay featuring tutorials on makeup, posing, and clothing modification, as well as costume making tips. Newbie cosplayers can start by learning the various fabrics types and fundamentals of cosplay. Cosplay veterans can learn some advance techniques such as making full armor.

Check out your fellow cosplayers' styles and get new ideas! There are hundreds of cosplayers featured in our Cosplay Snapshots section. Learn about cosplay scene around the world at World Cosplay Report. Find out what cosplayers in Japan have in their bags, what their rooms are like, and how their love life is at COSMODE Life.