Ella Koon In Sexy Cosplay Outfit

Ella Koon (官恩娜) had her first taste of Cosplay today at an event to promote the Xbox game Lost Odyssey, where she was joined by Japanese model 木村乃. The two ladies dressed up as characters from the role playing game, showing off their cleavage in some tight corset dresses.

Ella Koon as CosPlayAsked if she felt that the outfit was too sexy, Ella said that she felt the dress was quite conservative and her 34D figure is actually only the same as many other girls. She revealed that she quite enjoyed her Cosplay debut, but said that she did not have the figure to carry off the dress that the other model was wearing.

Ella later said that the costume was rather uncomfortable and she had to adjust herself through the performance. She added that she had taken precautions to avoid revealing herself accidentally on the stage.